41 Gorgeous Backyard Gazebo Design Ideas You Must Have

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41 Gorgeous Backyard Gazebo Design Ideas You Must Have

Outdoor gazebos are an increasingly popular way to enjoy an outside atmosphere while staying protected from sun and rain. Having been in use since ancient times, there are a great many styles and types of gazebos to be chosen from. While originally just for the well-to-do, gazebos can now be had by almost anybody as an addition to your backyard landscape. Here are three important factors you should consider when choosing a gazebo.

Set a Budget for Your Gazebo

The first consideration when purchasing a gazebo is your budget. This seems obvious at first, but there are many ways to overspend yourself.If you’re like most of us and can’t pay for a gazebo with pocket change, you may consider building your own. This can save you anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Additionally, it gives you a degree of customization not possible with a pre-built unit. Some of us, however, don’t have enough time to take on such a project.

In this case, you can either hire someone to design and build your gazebo, or purchase a prebuilt model from a store or online vendor. The Internet offers superior choices as compared to brick and mortar outlets.Whichever you decide, you should plan on setting aside at least several hundred dollars. The cheapest gazebos, even home-built, often cost at least this much. You may also have to consider changes in your surrounding landscape and cement flooring for your backyard gazebo.

Select an Appropriate Build Site

The next important consideration when buying a gazebo is where you’re going to put it. Our backyards often have recreational items like pools, swings, or sandboxes, plant life like trees, shrubs, and gardens, and sometimes other structures like sheds. The easiest way to sum this up? What do you want to look at? Obviously setting the¬†backyard gazebo¬†to overlook an open field is preferable to looking at a shed or a neighbor’s house 10 feet away. Another factor? How level is your terrain? If your preferred site doesn’t have even ground, all hope is not lost. It just takes more work to level the terrain.

Choose a Gazebo Style

Last but certainly not least in our quest for a gazebo paradise is the type of gazebo you want. There are a plethora of possibilities here.This is usually your priority number 1. There are sizes ranging from that of a small shed all the way up to a small building. You probably want something in between – usually enough for half a dozen people. But remember to check your space…This one is pretty obvious. Most people settle for the natural color of their chosen building material – often light brown. But you can also paint and stain your gazebo to any color you wish.

The original gazebos where usually octagonal in shape. But square and rectangular gazebos are also popular – especially for those building their own. Shape is a factor in placement just as size. But shape also holds significance in how comfortable the seating positions will be – a square may not prove as comfortable as an octagon for side by side seating.Gazebos can be made from many things – this includes various types of wood, brick, even cement. Sometimes the gazebo itself is made from wood but has a cement floor. This is useful in keeping it flash flood-resistant.

Enclosure type

Here is a factor considered mainly in modern gazebos – Do you want your gazebo enclosed? Increasingly Gazebos are sold with built in screens. This makes them very nice for enjoying food free from flying pests. Less commonly gazebos are even enclosed with windows – though at some point you have to draw the line between a Gazebo and a regular porch or sunroom.

Sometimes it’s better to spend a little more up front for a gazebo that you can really use than to make difficult modifications later because it’s not practical in some way. Remember to consider these important points when choosing your gazebo and you’ll have years, if not decades of happiness.