35 Fabulous Laundry Room Organization Ideas To Try

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35 Fabulous Laundry Room Organization Ideas To Try

It is quite easy to throw most, if not all of the items at home in the laundry area. Let’s face it, it’s rare that someone will actually spend time in there except when really obliged to do the laundry. But these things pile up quickly and would leave your place looking more disorganized than ever. You might then have to seriously consider laundry room organization. It will not only clear out the mess in your laundry room but it will be a start to clearing out your whole house, as well.

First off, it doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large laundry room. Once things are out of place, the clutter era begins. Organization will be a big factor when it comes to dealing with the laundry room. And I don’t only mean with the clothes, but with other things inside the room, as well.

Generally speaking, a laundry room, regardless of the size, would contain dirty laundry, soon to be pressed or unfolded shirts and pants, soiled and washed underwear, scattered hampers, ironing board, drying rack, some hangers, shelves, containers for storage, and a trash bin. If I am right, then you actually have all that you need to get started on laundry room organization. These are just enough to place things in order and keep things manageable, as long as there is a proper system to follow on.

In defining these tools, you should also note that their size and presence is optional in the laundry area. They can be replaced, lessened, or absent. It all depends on your convenience. For instance, the hampers are only needed in the laundry room when you would want to deliver your laundry to and from your rooms. If it isn’t such a busy laundry day, these hampers should be staying in your own rooms to collect your soiled clothing.

Shelves and containers can be kept minimal as not to make it seem crowded. Maybe two to three containers can be kept so as to place in items that are similar in use and one should be accessible to collect things that are saved from washing. Also, try to take note of your ironing board. It’s best to invest in a folding one since you can easily store it when it is not in use. It doesn’t take too much of your laundry space.

The trash bin can stay in the room as long as it is not that big. After all, you would generally have to take it out regularly. So just having one in will complete your laundry room organization list of tools complete. Once these are all in place, it’s time to create a system that you would be able to maintain. I’m pretty sure you would be pleased with yourself, as well as the status of your home.