44 Delicate Tiny Bedroom Decor Ideas For Teens

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If you have a teen, you will really need to get creative to give them their own space that they want to spend time in. It is likely that they will entertain their friends, play video games and chat on their computer, as well as sleep in their rooms. Teens can be very independent individuals and their rooms need to reflect their individuality even if they don’t know what that is yet. Psychologically, teens have a strong need for approval from their peers, so it is crucially important for them to feel confident in having their friends come to their homes, and to show off a room they love. Finding a mix between what you, as a parent can afford, and what your teen wants can be a very difficult task.

Allow your teen to actively participate in the selection of colors for their room. Colors that stimulate one teen may or may not work for another so it is very important that they play an active role in making this choice. Have them pick out three or four complementary or contrasting colors they like. If yours is like most teens, they won’t be able to decide which color they want. To remedy this stop by the paint store and ask them to provide you with samples or tiny cans of the colors your child likes. Go home and paint blocks of each of the colors on his or her wall. Leave them for several days and ask your teen to rule out colors instead of asking them to pick one. As they eliminate them, use a pencil to mark them out.

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Once the main color is chosen have your teen choose the complimentary or contrasting colors. These other colors will be located on one wall of their room and in the accessories and decorative items in the room. Take the measurements of the room to the store and purchase the paint. Of the other colors chosen, pick up the little paint chips from the paint store. By keeping these paint chips with you it will be easier to select accessories for the room without having to guess whether they will match.

Find a medium shade of carpet for the room. Medium shades look cleaner longer and tend to hide stains better. You may even want to consider an indoor/outdoor carpet because it is better able to withstand a teenager’s rough treatment. The furnishings for your teen’s room can be painted to match no matter the kind of wood or style of the furniture. Aside from their bed, they will probably want a bedside table, a desk for homework and school projects, and a dressing table or vanity for a girl’s room. Every teen will need plenty of shelves for books, games, trophies from sporting events or recitals and academic awards.

Do a little research on closet organizers to make sure your teen’s closet has plenty of shelves, and two closet bars. A shoe organizer in the closet floor will usually help to avoid other things being thrown on the closet floor. Paint the inside of the closet white and make sure it has decent lighting. Pick up other accessories as your teen finds things they like. Have fun with your child and their efforts to create the right room for them.

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