49 Fancy Bathroom Mirror Ideas For Your Bathroom

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49 Fancy Bathroom Mirror Ideas For Your Bathroom

In many homes the bathroom mirrors are still the ones that came with the home. Few people give much thought to bathroom mirrors, but they are really an essential part of your room’s décor.

While mirrors may cover a built-in medicine cabinet in smaller baths or in older homes, many homes today have large mirrors that cover the entire area behind dual sinks in the master.

While this may initially seem like a good idea, many homeowners have begun to prefer separate bathroom mirrors to add a little air to the room and reduce the labor of keeping a large wall-to-wall mirror clean.

Perhaps just as important the right decorative mirrors can actually complete the look of the room, driving home the theme in definitive terms. For example, if you’re doing a room in a French look, a gilded mirror or a set of them can be la piece de resistance that gives the room a finished look.

Of course, mirrors have the added benefit of making the room look lighter as light is bounced from it into the room. It can also increase the perceived size of a smaller bathroom.
With the arrival of online retailers as well as home improvement stores, there’s never been a better selection of mirrors for bathrooms. You can get a style and size that will fit any bathroom perfectly, from the straight lines of modern or contemporary mirrors to the rich dark woods of a Victorian style or even the whimsy of a retro, rustic or eclectic style.
One of the best things about bathroom mirrors is that they are one of the easiest things you can do to give the room a new look. Outside of painting the bathroom, changing the mirrors is one of the simplest room makeovers you can do. It’s like hanging a painting.

If you have bathrooms with a single sink, you’ll want the mirror to be the same width of the vanity. If it’s larger, it will look odd. For double sinks, you can replace the wall-to-wall with two individual bathroom mirrors. If you have a fine hand in interior design, they can even be different in shapes and styles, as long as the right elements tie them together visually. For example, you may have found two antique bathroom mirrors that go perfectly in the bathroom, sharing the same ornate frame and finish, but being different shapes or sizes.

By breaking up the room with two mirrors instead of one large one, you can make it a bit more intimate.

When installing bathroom mirrors, consider how you will be using them. For example, you want to make sure that a man and a woman sharing the same mirror can both use it. A mirror that’s too high or too low can be maddening. This is the beauty of having two bathroom mirrors in the master bathroom, by the way.

Some people prefer a swing out mirror that allows them to put on their makeup. These often have magnified mirrors in them so you can see a lot of detail. Others get mirrors on their cabinets that can swing out so the two side mirrors and center mirror allow you to see every side of your face or hair as you get ready to go to work or out on a night on the town.

When shopping for bathroom mirrors, pay particular attention to their size. Measurements can be deceiving. This is an added bonus of shopping online, since online retailers provide you with all the measurements of the piece, ensuring a perfect fit every time. They also usually offer free shipping on your order, an added bonus, particularly since you don’t have to traipse all over town searching for the perfect mirror for your bathroom.