50 Luxury Feminime Dining Room Design Ideas To Try Asap

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50 Luxury Feminime Dining Room Design Ideas To Try Asap

Trendy design styles often incorporate various elements from several design styles, taking the best of each and combining them to create something new and wonderful. The shabby chic design style is a great example of this type of decor, involving vintage, retro, elegant, and country design styles. Elegant simplicity in a shabby chic dining room needs a few basic essentials, and some know-how in how to create this fabulous design style.

Wicker Furniture

No longer fashionable only for your grandmother’s porch or sitting room, wicker furniture is an excellent example of how to decorate in a shabby chic dining room space. Choose wicker furniture with great patterned cushions and coordinating place settings to design a space that is distinctly feminine. This furniture is a great choice if you want to feature antique dishes or floral patterns.

Antique Roses

Shabby chic decor often incorporates antique colors and patterns, and one of the most popular is an antique rose or similar floral pattern. Consider an antique pitcher as a centerpiece for the dining room table, paired with fresh cut roses and white baby’s breath flowers. Add white tapered candles for a romantic, simply elegant design for your dining room space.

Shades of White

Bright, open, spacious rooms are characteristic of the shabby chic design style, giving the room a refined, clean feeling that is very memorable. Bright whites, off whites, eggshells, and similar shades coordinate perfectly with the floral shades so often seen with this style. Machine washable slipcovers for couches and other seating make it easy to maintain the fresh look even when pets and children reside in the home.

Lace and Sheer Fabrics

Another very feminine addition to the shabby chic dining room, lace is beautiful and traditional for this space. You can utilize lace and similar sheer materials for the bottom layer of the curtains, the tablecloth, and even place settings. Do not overdo it on the lace, however, and be sure to add other fabrics and textures so that the antique is balanced and does not come off as overly frilly or Victorian.

Wood Finishes

This design style is not all about white and wicker and lace, there are several wood finishes that look great for a shabby chic dining room. Pine and oak are great examples, as long as the wood looks distressed or antiqued. This is the primary essential for shabby chic furniture, but do not get too worried, because this look is fairly easy to create even on new furniture pieces.

Distressed or Antique Pieces

Painting the piece white before distressing really makes the piece stand out, but real or faux, furniture should look old, worn, aged, and homey. This means comfortable and cozy, which is a great feeling for the dining room that needs to feel casual and inviting for friends and family members. Whether you are designing this space for a woman, newlyweds, best friends, older couple, or an older woman looking for something trendy and still classic, shabby chic is fabulous, trendy, and beautiful.