44 Incredible Fall Kitchen Design For Home Décor To Try Now

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44 Incredible Fall Kitchen Design For Home Décor To Try Now

Have you pulled out your dining room decorations for fall? It could be Halloween or Thanksgiving fun items you are pulling out for your dining room or even your living room, but what about the kitchen?

While most of the great foods from this time of year are born in the kitchen of a home, it seems many people don’t appreciate their kitchens as much as they should and don’t decorate them for fall festivities. You should at least make an effort to decorate the table.

Maybe you’re not sure what type of theme to go with in this room? Well, here are a few ideas


If you really love Halloween, you should dress up your kitchen for this holiday as well. Start with the tables. Most people think of treats and great things to eat on Halloween. That means they are going to look at the kitchen tables immediately upon walking into the kitchen. They may hope there are a few treats sitting around waiting to be munched on. Don’t disappoint. From popcorn balls to wrapped candied apples or freshly made Halloween cupcakes, make sure there is always something pleasing to the eye and stomach.


When you think of your kitchen tables and Thanksgiving you may be thinking of all the work that is going to be done in this place to make sure the dining room fare is perfect on Thanksgiving Day. Feel free to keep the theme going while decorating your tables. A perfect way to do this is to set up a cornucopia on the table and have all sorts of fall colored foods coming out of the opening. Every grocery store is stocked with beautiful ears of corn and colorful squashes and gourds that will complete the look.

Apple or Pumpkin Pie

Nothing says holidays in the kitchen like the scent of pie. It could be apple pie or pumpkin pie, but either one lets everyone in the house know that someone is in that kitchen creating a holiday favorite. If you want to turn this theme into your kitchen décor, there are a few things to do:

The Scent – You need the scent of pie in the kitchen. You could cook pies regularly. But if you would rather not, consider putting scented candles on your kitchen tables or try any of the other various room fragrances that you can purchase at the store.

The Look – Thankfully, pie is a very popular theme in kitchens. You won’t have a problem finding all sorts of placemats, centerpiece items and accents with pie themes to decorate your kitchen tables with country warmth.

Festive Fall

One final theme to consider is just to appreciate the season. Fall in itself is a beautiful time of year with all the colors changing in the trees. You can bring this to your kitchen tables with a fall theme that includes leaf decorated china, leaf shaped placemats and a centerpiece made out of foliage that brags the best of the colors of autumn.