40 Affordable Fall Decorations Ideas To Try Right Now

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Fall decorating ideas are some of the easiest and least expensive ideas to come up with. Take a hike in your neighborhood, park or woods and you’ll find all the inspiration you need to get started making decorations.

Nature is filled with all your crafting needs. Acorns, pine cones, leaves, Mums, plumes, just to name a few. Everything you need is outside just waiting for your imagination to run wild.

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We start in September with Mums and fall wreaths. Add pumpkins and a few ghost and goblins in October for Halloween and then continue in November for Thanksgiving. Fall is the longest decorating season of the year, so we definitely get enough use from all the fall decorations we worked so hard crafting.

Make it simple by placing colorful leaves in vases. Display acorns in canning jars, pine cones in baskets. Use glass containers such as hurricane lamps and fill them with colorful leaves and pine cones.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate you dining room table. Cut craft paper to the size of your dining room table and use as a table runner. Add a little decoration to the table runner by painting a vine of leaves on each side.

For a table center piece make glass candle holders that look like hand blown glass. Stack small glass dessert dishes, candle holders, vases, and footed dessert cups and secure them with Tacky Glue for easy removal latter. Place acorns or small pine cones on the dessert dishes for added decorations. Clear empty glass bottles, such as wine bottles also make great candle holders. Add fall colored pillar candles to complete your centerpiece.

Go ahead and buy gourds to add to your fall decorations. Don’t throw them away at the end of the fall season. Put them in a plastic bag and hang them in the garage and forget about them until the summer. Give them about nine months to mold and dry out. Wash the mold away, paint them and you will have dried gourds to add to your fall decorations.

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Straw wreaths are inexpensive and easy to decorate. Use material such as burlap or corn husks. Cut square pieces of material or corn husks. Push or weave into the straw wreath using a tool such as a screw driver. You want the material or corn husks to stand up like a flower not wrapped around the wreath.

It’s also a great time to start crafting with recyclables. Milk cartons with faces make great ghost that light up the night using Christmas tree lights inside them. Decorate different size empty jars for candy corn and Halloween cookies. Drill holes in cans of assorted sizes and use wire to make hanging lanterns. Old clothes and sheets can make all your Halloween monsters and scarecrows.

These fall decorating ideas are just a sampling of all the fun you can have decorating for the fall season. Start in September, add and change a few decorations as the season progresses and the next thing you know, it’s time to decorate for the Holiday season.


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