41 Outstanding Chairs Design Ideas For Relaxing In The Porch

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41 Outstanding Chairs Design Ideas For Relaxing In The Porch

Relaxing on a front-porch rocker, watching the rest of the world go about its business, is as American as apple pie. Although few Americans have the time to spare these days, rocking chairs are still a staple on many front porches – particularly as homeowners are increasingly driven to maximize use of their outdoor living spaces.

Equally iconic is the Adirondack chair, with its simple, easily identifiable design and its reputation for durability. For more than a century, the Adirondack chair has remained one of the most popular styles in outdoor furniture. With the Adirondack rocking chair, homeowners can achieve the best of both worlds. The following is a look at why Adirondack rocking chairs make ideal front-porch rockers.

Comfortable Seating

At first glance, the Adirondack rocking chair may seem a rather oddly structured chair, with a high back, sloped seat and extra-wide arm rests. Once you’ve sat in one, however, it’s easy to understand why these chairs are a top choice for outdoor seating. The tall back rest and low seat provide excellent lumbar support, allowing for a comfortable, easy recline. The wide arm rests also contribute to the relaxation famously provided by these Adirondack chairs. The proof is in the pudding: Spas and resorts all across the country provide Adirondack chairs for their guests because of the comfort they afford.

Low-Maintenance Durability

Another advantage of this Adirondack chair model over other options is its reputation for top-notch craftsmanship. Adirondack chairs were initially made out of yellow birch, and wood is still the primary material used to construct Adirondack rocking chairs – although today, many other species are also used, including cypress, cedar, aspen, alder and other hardy woods. Thus, Adirondack rockers are naturally resilient to the elements. In addition, this chair’s simple, breezy design makes it easy to clean and maintain. To wash, simply use a pressure washer on low setting.

Earth-Friendly Choice

In addition to wood, Adirondack rocking chairs are made out of more eco-friendly materials, such as an impenetrable plastic lumber manufactured from recycled materials. Some Adirondack rockers contain nearly 500 plastic water bottles and other containers, creating a chair that’s resilient and lightweight – as well as low maintenance – without sacrificing any of the design’s customary comfort. Recycled plastic Adirondack chairs will not rot or fade and are even easier to maintain than their wood counterparts.

Versatile Design

The Adirondack rocker possesses a style all its own and can blend in with any type of home, from traditional to contemporary. Additionally, these chairs are available in a wide selection of colors, from bright shades to more muted hues. A brightly colored chair can liven up the front of your home with a surprising pop of color, whereas a more muted hue can complement and blend in with your home’s exterior.

The fresh, classic style of the Adirondack rocking chair adds simplicity and character to any porch, while it’s generous, low seat provides an inviting place to rest a moment and take in the neighborhood goings-on around you.


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