44 Extraordinary Old Furniture Ideas To Beautify The Decor

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If you’d like to save money, yet still remodel and upgrade your current interior decor, refinishing your current decorations and furniture may be the answer for you. You can refinish anything from clocks to picture frames to dressers to table tops. Here I will teach you how to refinish a house clock.

If you’re asking “why” right now, simply put, I’d say “why not”? By refinishing old things you’re both learning and saving the environment. If you don’t refinish it, there’s a good chance it will end up sitting in a land fill somewhere. the satisfaction after you turn something old and ugly into something people will admire and possibly even want to pay you for is flattering. It’s one of my favorite parts of being a part time artist. Another great aspect of course is saving money. Who wouldn’t want to save a few hundred dollars on a new dresser, when you can simply refinish your old one with a coat or two of paint? I turned a two dollar clock that I got from a store similar to goodwill into something that is absolutely perfect for my art room. Someone may pay thirty or forty dollars for something like that at a store.

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Some of my favorite products to use while refinishing old furniture and accessories are rust-Oleum spray paint and Basics acrylic paint. I always trust in rust-Oleum to not leave blotches and clog while spraying. Basics acrylic paints have never failed me. They are thick enough to cover pretty easily, but not too thick to where they are a pain to use. Of course, you would use something larger for larger scale projects, but I’d definitely suggest basics for smaller scale. If you’re looking for a good quality paint for lager scale projects, I would personally suggest Baer paint. You can pick it up at any Home Depot.

If you’re thinking to yourself, I’m not artistic enough for something like this, you’re wrong!! If you’re not comfortable with free handing designs and numbers/letters, use a stencil. You can get stencils anywhere – Walmart, ACMoore, Michaels, possibly even home improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot. They have beautiful designs and will enhance any of your at home creations. I’ve also used giant paint stamps for stamping designs onto furniture pieces and things.

I hope this has helped motivate you to see the beauty in pretty much anything. If you’d like to read my clock tutorial, feel free to click on the link below. I show you how to make a clock from start to finish that I did for my art room. Enjoy – and happy creating!!

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