46 Favorite Diy Harry Potter Party Design Ideas For Halloween To Try

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Harry Potter Party supplies have been one of the hottest items in specialty party stores. Whether it is for graduation parties or birthday celebration, this party theme is probably one of the most versatile and enjoyed by boys, girls, young children and big kids alike.

So let’s see what type of Harry Potter party supplies are available in the market and whether they are worth your hard-earned money.

Party Decorations

The color theme is general black — so it’s pretty safe to get a bunch of black balloons, crepe streamers and curly ribbons to decorate your party room. For a more elaborate party decoration, be sure you get the Harry Potter Hogwart Banner which you can hang prominently on the door.

If the birthday person has a favorite among the book series (e.g. if your daughter loves “Globet Of Fire”), then you can use the color of this specific theme, which is black and orange in this case (think Halloween party kit!).

On the table, you can place various props such as a magic wand or even a bird cage to bring everyone to the world of the adolescent wizard.

Party Invitations

I am excited to tell that there are several excellent Harry Potter Party Invitations available. My favorite invitation has this subtle, intriguing color tone with handwritten words saying “your presence is requested”, and you can get the full pictures of how this and others look in the link below.

Harry Potter Party Supplies

We have luncheon plates, dessert plates, cups and paper napkins featuring Potter and his friends.

For more interesting party supplies, there are bags of Harry Potter Jelly Beans as well as the Chocolate Crispy Frogs that you can get for a very affordable price.

And since we are into food, let’s talk about the cake!

If you are concerned about creating a cake with this party theme, there is absolutely nothing to worry because we have 3 choices of cake toppers available. One of them featured in the link below is a cake topper featuring a realistic 3-D figure of Harry and his cart with Hedwig, together with a background stand of the railway station.

So, all you need is a rectangular cake, and 10 seconds to place the cake topper on the cake, and you are all set! And better yet, the cake topper can be used as ornaments to decorate the window sill in your child’s bedroom, adorning the room and bringing back great memories for years.

Party Games

There are many board games around with the Harry Potter theme, but the one I am going to recommend to you is one is very suitable for parties in particular. Not sure if you realize, but for many of these board games, you need to spend hours to finish it off, and this is not possible for any parties.

This game is specifically designed and there is a “first-play” version that can be completed in 30 minutes — perfect timing for any party activities. You can get more details on this board game from the link below.

Another idea is, yes, video games! Check out this Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup” by Electronic Arts. The game guarantees loads of fun to the boys and girls, and a good time for the moms and dads to chat and relax — or before you know it, they might be joining in as well!

Harry Potter Party Favors

No parties are complete without party favors, so we’ve got some Harry Potter treat bags together with some simple but thoughtful gifts such as these Harry Potter school seal rings. Thank you cards are available as well.

Would You Like To Take A Look At These Harry Potter Party Supplies?

You can get the photo shots of all these fabulous ideas in this Harry Potter Party Supplies page [http://partysuppliesclub.com/harry-potter-party-supplies/], where I lay out each and more of the recommendations in detail.


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