43 Enchanting Ergonomic Kitchens Design Ideas To Try Right Now

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Remodeling the heart of your New York home can be an exciting venture to undertake and most often such projects includes changing the very essence of the area. When it comes to kitchen design it’s not just about aesthetics but creating a new look and feel altogether that will enhance functionality while keeping everything attractive. So wherever you are-Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, Queens or Staten Island; it pays to know the basics of kitchen design and this article lays several out.

Ergonomics in Kitchen Design

Ergonomics essentially makes every task done in the kitchen be completed efficiently, posing the least strain on people doing it. An ergonomic kitchen design optimizes the use of distance and time between work stations as well as customizes depths, heights, widths and allowances within the area for convenient body positioning. Some of the things you can implement for the most practical everyday cooking and food preparation experience include:

· Higher than standard 36″ countertops will prevent users from hunching over while increasing storage space.

· A deeper sink allows you to clean larger items such as pans, pots and trays easier and without much mess and spills.

· Enough flooring space between cabinets will allow more freedom in movement and prevents traffic in the area when more than one persons are working.

Choosing Color Scheme

In kitchen design, your choice of colors would greatly affect the overall impact of the project finish. So it is very important to think through the color scheme you integrate into the project carefully. If you are not going to change everything, make sure that any addition will brandish a color or glaze that will complement with the rest of the décor. in your kitchen design, there are surfaces that are covers a wider area and are more visually dominant which you should focus on. This includes – flooring, countertops, sink, appliances, kitchen cabinets and walls.

Flooring Types

Kitchens are among the most used and frequented areas in homes. Braded as the hub, its many functions causes it to accept more traffic than other rooms. This makes your choice of flooring an important part of the basics of kitchen design. One essential thing to look out for when choosing among your flooring options is durability to last the years of heavy use and abuse. Some of the most popular flooring types for kitchens include:

· Natural Stone

· Ceramic tiles

· Linoleum

· Vinyl

· Hardwood

Each of these options has their sets of pros and cons. Depending on your preferences and personal needs, you can choose which would serve best for you and the family.


As little as they are, accessories can be enough to make or break your kitchen design. When remodeling, give enough attention to details. You can create more interest by choosing accessories to match the theme of the kitchen design such as flower-shaped cabinet handles and pulls for a floral or organic set-up. Accessories may be decorative and some can be added to boost functionality and efficiency like drawer organizers and wine racks.


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