49 Unordinary Diy Home Decor Ideas To Try Asap

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49 Unordinary Diy Home Decor Ideas To Try Asap

While rhinestone accessories are super cute for accessorizing, they aren’t just for attire anymore. The newest trend in home decorating is doing it yourself – DIY – with rhinestones! Read on to learn how you can make your own cute and trendy home decor using Swarovski rhinestones.

Home Decor

When it comes to rhinestones, if you can affix them to anything shiny or reflective, do it! Light will bounce off the shiny gems and exponentially multiply the glitz and shine. Try using hot fix rhinestones on chandeliers, lamp shades and bases, pendant lights, mirrors, or candles. They’re easy to apply and look fabulous on already shiny items.

In the bedroom you can add loose stones directly to your headboard, put them on the buttons for tufted headboards or pillows, or even just add them directly to your wallpaper. How awesome would it look to have just an occasional gem here and there on your walls?

In your bathroom or sitting room consider adding rhinestones to vases, perfume bottles, picture frames, or clocks. Dress up old worn chairs by adding embellishments to the backs. You can also add some luxurious “bling” to your furniture by gluing gems to drawer pulls on cabinets or dressers.

Home Office

If you have a home office this is the perfect place to try out your DIY home decor with Swarovski rhinestones. Hot fix rhinestones are easy to put on laptops, computer keyboards, computer mouses, or monitors. If you have a craft room or sewing room you could also add rhinestones to your scissors, tape dispenser, sewing machine, etc. Pretty much anything with a hard flat surface is ideal for adding rhinestones!

Holiday Decor

It’s nearly impossible not to decorate your home for the holidays, and what better time to add in a little glitz and sparkle from rhinestones. Put a spin on the guts and gore of Halloween and go glam instead with rhinestone pumpkins, skulls, candlesticks, and spiders. Purple, black, and green rhinestones look especially glamorous when combined with these Halloween accessories.

For Christmas, you can add rhinestones to candles, mantle accessories, stockings, and more. Consider adding some sparkle to your ornaments, or make your entire Christmas tree extra shiny by stringing rhinestones amongst the lights. Now there’s some sparkly Christmas spirit!