34 Trendy Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas To Try Right Now

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34 Trendy Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas To Try Right Now

A little big of farmhouse-style charm here and there can go a long way toward making a space feel like home. It’s mostly the warmth of the natural wood often used in such designs and the authenticity of the materials that make spaces look and feel welcoming and charming. That being said, next time you remodel consider a farmhouse bathroom decor or even just adding a few little suggestive details here and there, enough to create a warm and inviting ambiance in the room, whatever its function may be.

It’s amazing how much a single element can change the way a room looks and feels. Take for example this bathroom. It got a beautiful makeover and a brand new rustic-industrial decor and all it took was covering one of the walls in wood.

If you’re not in the mood to change the appearance of the walls or to get new furniture for your bathroom, you can still change the ambiance and create a farmhouse-inspired decor with the help of the little things and accessories such as the light fixtures. Consider industrial bathroom fixtures like the one in this image. This is something that you can put together yourself and the cost would be minimal.

Other little but important things that can help give your bathroom the cozy farmhouse-style decor that you always wanted include the mirror which could have a simple wooden frame, perhaps one made of reclaimed wood for more character. A few small open shelves could also change the mood.

You can also add accessories that your bathroom never had but that would make it more welcoming and comfortable overall. For example, a toilet paper dispenser storage module could fit in the corner and could hold a few essentials as well as a lovely little potted plant or some other sort of decoration.

Rustic and farmhouse decors are very common for mountain cabins and alpine retreats in general. This cozy hideaway featured on peacedesign is a perfect example. Notice the sliding barn door, the natural wood and stone on the walls and the large mirror which prevents the bathroom from looking cluttered and tiny.

A farmhouse bathroom light fixture would also do the trick and quite nicely actually.  That’s actually something you can put together yourself, assuming you can’t find a ready-made fixture that has the right look, style, size or price.

The burlap fabric used for the curtains and those white-painted shutters really do wonders for this farmhouse-style bathroom. They’re simple, good-looking and a bit nostalgic and that’s a perfect combo. Complement this sort of featured with other farmhouse-style of rustic accessories for a cohesive look.