35 Best Home Coffee Bar Design Ideas You Must Have In Your House

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Now that you have your shinny new machine at home, what are some of the accessories that you might want to add to you espresso bar? We’ll cover the most important add-ons to make your home coffee bar ready for your full brewing enjoyment.

Espresso Cups: You just have to have them ? Getting a good set of demitasse cups shouldn’t cost you too much and they will bring a smile to your face if you get a set that you really like. There are lots to choose from: Traditional porcelain, designer patterns, glass and stainless steel. Finding demitasse cups that reflect your personality is one of the most fun parts of stocking your coffee bar. In fact, chances are really high that you will do it more than once! You can spend anywhere from $15 for a basic set of porcelain cups to more than $150 for a set of 5 high end designer cups.

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Espresso Coffee Grinder: This is probably the most important purchase you can make after you have your coffee machine. Don’t skimp here, get a good grinder and you will taste the difference every time.

Demitasse Spoons: A quality set of demitasse spoons will add a nice touch of class to your espresso bar.

Espresso Tamper: The stock tampers that come with expresso machines are typically mediocre quality at best. There are lots of varieties to choose from for a quality tamper.

Latte and Cappuccino cups: These are larger coffee cups that hold 6 ounces or more. They are of similar design as their smaller cousins the demitasse cups.

Latte Spoons: These are larger spoons than demitasse spoons and they will compliment your larger varieties of coffee based drinks.

Steaming and Frothing Pitchers: Your bar just won’t look right without a steaming pitcher (or two) in plain sight. Ranging in size from 12 oz to 24 oz, the smaller of which is likely adequate for home use.

Cleaning supplies like a cleaning brush and cleaning powder.

Flavor Enhancers: Don’t forget an assortment of chocolate powders and other flavor boosters.

Actually, the list of potential accessories can go on quite a bit. This list covers the basics and should get you well on your way to a well stocked espresso bar.

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