37 Latest Home Garden Design Ideas With Cinder Block To Try

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Constructing a “Cinder Block Garden” is one of the best ways to utilize a minimal amount of space to grow your own fresh vegetables. By using this method of gardening, you can actually grow more, in less space, and in less time. You can easily save hundreds of dollars a year by growing your own vegetables in a cinder block garden.

Building a cinder block garden is a pretty straight forward and easy process, although there are a few tricks that can actually double your yields in half of the growing time.

The first thing you will want to do is to take some measurements of the area you will be using for the garden. Make yourself a scale drawing on paper and it will be a lot easier. Then you will need to acquire some Cinder Blocks. If you really want to save some money, try to locate some old or used Cinder Blocks from a dilapidated building or from a salvage facility. You could also find surplus blocks from new construction sites that can usually be had for next to nothing. The key to this whole process is saving money, so make sure to check out all of the potential resources to obtain free cinder blocks before buying new ones at the hardware store, as they can be expensive.

Before arranging the blocks on the ground, use your drawing to allow for correct sizing of the areas and to decide exactly what you will be planting, and where you will be planting it. The sizes of the actual boxes will be anywhere from 4′ x 4′ square to 6′ x 8′ rectangular, which is all easy to lay out with the consistently sized blocks. There is no set size of each garden area, just be creative and make sure to utilize all of the space you have to work with. Make sure to leave pathways large enough to walk through or perhaps push a wheelbarrow through.

After getting your “Blocked In” areas set up, there are as many different methods of planting and growing things in the garden as there are things to plant. Grab yourself a gardening book for this part of the project, decide what you want to plant, and watch as the magic happens.

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