38 Newest Teen Girl Bedroom Design Ideas That You Need To Know It

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There are several things to consider when purchasing bedroom furniture for girls. You must take into account the girl’s age, personality, likes, hobbies, needs, and favorite colors. Most elementary school age girls like to play with dolls (Barbie), like lots of stuffed animals, and like the color pink. A twin bed is just the right size.

You will want to get bed linens with designs of her favorite cartoon character or just a nice floral print, maybe with butterflies! Of course you will need a dresser for her clothes, a side table and a lamp for reading in bed, and a bookcase for all of her reading material. These should all be white with pink accents. For example, the drawer pulls and the lamp could be pink. Finally, a nice accent rug by the side of the bed would complete the room.

A girl in middle school would like her room a little different. First, she would probably want bunk beds. At this age, girls often have friends spend the night. It’s fun for them to sit on the top bunk and eat snacks and talk together. In addition to the dresser, side table, and bookcase, she will need a desk. In middle school homework starts with a vengeance! She probably still likes to play with dolls occasionally but the Barbie pink theme would be too much. A nice pastel color for the walls, bed linens, and accent colors would work well.

Bedroom furniture for a teen-aged girl is harder to predict. Of course she will need all the standard pieces: bed, dresser, table, bookcase, and desk. She will want to make her room her sanctuary; her place to be herself by herself. A nice idea is to only set up the top bunk of a bunk bed set and leave the space under the bed for a futon and lots of pillows. This area becomes her space for listening to music, reading, and dreaming. She can forget about the world of school and parents for a while. She may want to put posters on the walls of her favorite bands or maybe Harry Potter.

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