34 Extraordinary Brick Loft Apartments Design Ideas For Amazing Apartment Interior

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34 Extraordinary Brick Loft Apartments Design Ideas For Amazing Apartment Interior

To some life in the big city goes hand in hand with small over priced apartment living. To the young professionals of Cleveland Ohio big city living goes hand in hand with spacious, historic, renovated loft apartments.

Cleveland loft living is the preferred accommodations of the modern, young, up and coming professional. The loft apartment provides an affordable living space at the beginning of ones career. Large open living rooms, twenty foot high ceilings, and oversized windows are just a few of the benefits of choosing a loft apartment. Loft living also comes with some bad connotations. I have five tips for you to remember when choosing and decorating your Cleveland loft.

  1. Keep it Classy and warm Most downtown lofts will be either hard wood or concrete floors. The hard wood or concrete floors will more than likely be the original floor that was laid when the building was built. It will be beautiful, it will be classy, it will be cold! When you move into your loft you will need to invest in many area rugs. This will save on your heating bill and keep your feet warm.
  2. This little light of mine Another beautiful feature that comes along with loft living are amazing, 20 foot high wood beam ceilings. This is a very common feature among factories and warehouses from the 1920’s, the same buildings that have since been renovated into loft apartments. This feature is the standard at the Bridgeview, East Fourth street neighborhood, The Bradley building, and The Tower Press Apartments. The only problem with these gorgeous ceilings is they are not equipped with any over head lighting. This seems like an easy fix; buy a light for every room. It’s more like three lights for every room. Trying to light a large open room with 20 foot ceilings is very difficult. A good rule of thumb is one light for every ten square feet. Remember to be green and let sunlight in through your windows as much as possible.
  3. Sell all the clothes you haven’t worn in a year The one feature that is a huge negative of loft living is the amount of storage space. Most Cleveland lofts have been renovated to have a decent size bedroom closet. However that closet may be your only area for storage in the whole apartment. There are some easy design elements that can help you make your loft more storage friendly. Raise your bed higher of the ground with bed lifts, maximize space in your closet using things such as a shoe wheel, canvas organizers, and bins. You can also put up hanging metal racks in the kitchen to maximize counter space.
  4. Check out that view Why do you want to move into a loft apartment in Cleveland Ohio? Because you want to be downtown! Remember that when you are arranging your furniture, use the city as your backdrop. Your view of the city is a piece of ever changing art work in your apartment, use it to your full advantage. Please do not put your couch in front of your windows. Arrange the furniture in your apartment so you get the best possible view of the city every time you sit down.
  5. Bricks and concrete are for inside too Decorating a loft is so easy! You already have exposed brick walls, concrete or hard wood floors, 20 foot high ceilings, and over sized windows that look over downtown Cleveland. Keep your decorating simple and clean. Use metal or steel accent furniture in the living room and bedroom, buy some plants and keep them near the windows for sunlight, and use raw material and industrial looking décor. Ikea is a great place to look for things like this.

Loft living is meant to be an open space that you can design into anything you want. There are not walls, floor plans or constrains in a loft. Good luck finding and decorating your Cleveland loft!