34 Fancy Bathroom Design Ideas With Stunning Wood Shades

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34 Fancy Bathroom Design Ideas With Stunning Wood Shades

Remember those old woven shades? When you wanted to raise one, you had to roll it up by hand like a humungous burrito and then while holding the unruly beast in place, secure it with a hand-tied knot. There were virtually no colors to choose from; I remember maybe three. And, matchstick bamboo was practically the only style. That was then and this is now.

Natural woven woods are now chic and cool and come in a tantalizing, almost mind-boggling array of styles, colors, textures, features and options. When choosing woven wood shades these days, you have to do your homework. A good place for guidance and enlightenment is the internet and the various internet retailers. Consider the ones that sell multiple lines of natural woven woods by nationally recognized blind and shade manufacturers.

To help decide if woven wood shades are the right choice for you, the following is a summary of the significant components and options:

Natural woven wood shades are hand-woven and are relatively environmentally friendly. They come in a variety of materials: woods, bamboos, weeds, and grasses which can compliment a wide variety of decorating styles.

The grasses are generously loomed and are soft and flowing with an exotic, modern, jungle-feel. The bamboo and reeds bring nature to its elegant best with a tropical flair, while the matchstick’s tightly woven, uniform construction gives a more formal look. If something truly unique and eye-catching is your forte, consider a combination. These shades are intricately woven by using two or more natural materials in stunning patterns. The color range of woven woods is naturally beautiful from creamy whites to luxuriant ebonies, and almost everything in between, including all hues of browns, gold, oranges and greens.

Similar to roman shades, the natural woven woods have a graceful, definitive construction. When in the closed position they feature either a classic flat roman fold or the elegantly looped hobbled fold. The lift options include the standard cord, on your choice of side, with shade descending. A handy lift option is the top down/bottom up feature especially for bathrooms and bedrooms where privacy is important but sunlight is desired. If you’re dressing a large bay or picture window, a lift worth considering is the continuous cord loop with its heavy-duty clutch and pulley mechanism. Cordless woven woods have just hit the market and not a moment too soon. It’s an excellent safety option where small children or pets are a concern, or if you simply prefer the uncluttered look.

Additional options are privacy or blackout liners and edge binding. Since woven woods naturally have gaps, some more so than others, you’ll want to consider privacy liners. They provide just that – privacy, while allowing a soft glow of light to filter through. A blackout liner is ideal for bedrooms and home theatres. Fabric edge binding comes in matching or contrasting colors, in patterns or solids and, along with giving a finished look, can add lifetime to your shades.

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