32 Genius Farmhouse Bathroom Shelves Design Ideas To Try Asap

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32 Genius Farmhouse Bathroom Shelves Design Ideas To Try Asap

We all know that it’s important to have good bathroom shelving, because if you don’t install some good storage shelving in your shower room you start the day in a muddle and your bad mood could last the whole day. If you have plenty of sensible wall-mounted or corner shelving, it’s much easier to train your children to put things back in their proper place and save yourself a lot of work. Here are some new ideas in bathroom shelving that could help you to choose something useful and attractive:

My first idea is an Over the Door shelving rack by Organize It All. This handy gadget is great for small bathrooms where you think there’s no room to put up wood shelving. You just hook the shelving over the back of the bathroom door and you’ve got a great two shelf system ready to use. It’s great for storing towels and it also has hooks under the shelving to hang your bathrobes on. The frame is strong tubular metal and the dimensions are 22.25″L x 8.5″D x 20″H.

My next choice is a lovely 4-tier glass shelving unit which is very attractive and dainty. It’s wall mounted shelving and it will enhance the look of your bathroom tremendously. The four glass shelves give plenty of room for you to put toiletries or decorative items on. This stylish bathroom shelving is attached to the wall at the top and bottom by a chrome tubular frame and the glass shelving is neatly fitted in between. The dimensions are 11.5″ x 6.75″ x 31.25″ and it’s a really pretty storage shelf.

My third choice is from the Mystic Bath Collection and it’s a lovely modern 5 tier chrome and glass shelving unit. If you haven’t got much space in your bathroom it’s a good idea to use the space above the floor as much as you can. This is a bathroom shelving unit that’s tall and thin so it won’t use up your valuable floor space. It’s made with a bright chrome finish on the frame and it has simple, clean lines that would fit in any bathroom.

The Bristol and Bath Focus 23 Bathroom Shelving from Walmart is a very appealing change from white frames and glass shelving. It comes as a pack of two thick plain shelves with square edges in a lovely brick red color which would suit a bathroom with warm colors in the decor. It doesn’t say what it’s made of so it could be a clever use of plastic shelving made to look like wood. But it has a sleek designer look that would give a style lift to any bathroom decor. The dimensions are 6″H x 20″W and it costs $149.99.

All four of these bathroom shelving options are designed to look good with any decor, but if you like the antique or country look you can buy wood shelving to match your theme. Plastic shelving is very popular in bathrooms as it is durable and easy to clean although it’s not my favorite because it does tend to discolor and it’s not very attractive to look at. For people who like an ultra-modern look try putting up some steel shelving for a really trendy and avant garde look! Whether you prefer wall-mounted shelving or floor standing units you’ll find an enormous choice available to you if you do a little window shopping online and this will help you to get your perfect bathroom shelving units.