38 Stunning Indoor Jungle Themed Design Ideas That Kids Will Love

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38 Stunning Indoor Jungle Themed Design Ideas That Kids Will Love

So you are tired of your current décor and want a change. Perhaps you want your room to roar with life after seeming dead for some time. One way to do this is to create an ambiance that makes you feel like you are on safari every time you step into your lounge. Bring the jungle into your home by livening up your room with safari chic décor.

Safari chic designs and décor are reminiscent of early 20th century expeditions into the heart Africa. These jungle inspired designs are exotic, simple and elegant. For this type of décor, colors mainly center on splendid earth tones, while the primary motifs for patterns and accessories are the animal prints. All materials and textures have a natural feel to them. Fabrics for this design mainly comprise of linen, khaki, cotton, canvas and leather, while the common materials include woods such as ebony, cast metal and rattan.

Go for the jungle green fabrics for your window treatments, as this color is hallmark safari chic. Alternatively, spice things up a little with by using the more traditional animal print textiles for your drapes and curtains. Such colors and prints will bring the outdoors into you living room. For more ideas on accessories you may light up your room using table lamps complete with animal motifs.

Dress up your painted walls with paintings. You may easily find jungle-themed art works in local stores and online. If you have a little more change to spare, commission a good artist to create some safari chic inspired pieces of jungle animals for your walls, such as a sure-footed elephant or even a gorgeous giraffe.

Miniature wooden carvings of jungle animals are another mark of this type of décor. To accent the room further, include a throw or cushion covers patterned with animal prints. Don’t forget to throw in some indoor potted plants to complete the jungle-themed effect. Use faux fur accessories for more accents. If your floor is wooden, you may leave it bare as wood is a hallmark of this type of décor. Instead of carpeting the entire room, simply add a sisal rug or a zebra print rug. However, ensure that all the items you select complement one another, so don’t just pick any animal print you find.

Safari chic décor is ideal for your beach house or vacation home, due to the overall relaxing effect that it creates. When you are in a room decorated in safari chic, you feel one with nature. However, you don’t have to go completely jungle-themed in your home. Alternatively, you may simply select one room, such as the den, and decorate it in this way. Safari chic accessories are affordable and you can obtain these items by shopping around or ordering them from online retail stores.