32 Captivating Plywood Dog House Design Ideas With Fishbone To Insoire You

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32 Captivating Plywood Dog House Design Ideas With Fishbone To Inspire You

If you would like to build a dog house out of wood, you will need a few simple tools from your garage and the right wood to get started.

The supplies you will need include:

· One exterior grade plywood sheet (about 4 feet by 8 feet and 5/8” thick)
· Two 2”x4”x8′ pressure treated boards
· One 2”x4”x8′ untreated boards
· One box of 1-5/8” galvanized deck screws
· One bundle of composite roof shingles
· One tube of wet/dry roof cement

The tools you need include:

· Hammer
· Tape measure
· Table saw or circular saw
· Drill
· Pen or pencil
· Caulking gun

When you begin constructing a dog house, you need to make sure it is large enough for the dog to comfortable turn around in, but small enough to keep their body heat close. IF possible, raise the floor of the dog house off the ground to help insulate it from the cold.

The first thing you will need to construct is the base or foundation of the dog house. Because most dog houses sit directly on the ground, you will want to use pressure-treated wood to go under the dog house. Be sure to close them off from the dog so they can’t chew on it. (Pressure treated wood contains harmful toxins). Frame out the base to the specifications you need. Then, nail the foundation together using penny nails. Drill 1” holes in the sides of the base to allow moisture from the ground to evaporate and to prevent wood rot. Place small screens over the holes to prevent rodents and birds from getting in.

Cut out all the wood before you begin nailing it randomly to the base. The walls and roof should be cut at the same time. This way you can determine if all the sides of the dog house are matching up to the roof and the base and are flush with each other. Cut out the wood after you have done proper measurements and you are sure it all fits. Now, attach the side frames to the base. Once you have attached the side frames, it is time to construct the roof frame. Using a forty five degree angle, cut the rafters and struts and attach them to the walls. You should now have a framed dog house.

Use your large piece of plywood for the walls and the roof. Attach the plywood and then you can begin shingling the roof. When you are shingling the roof, you can use the roof wet/dry cement, or you can use nails. If you use nails to attach the shingles, you need to bend the nails on the inside of the dog house to prevent your dog from getting scratched. Some construction plans are designed to make the roof removable for easier cleaning. You can construct this type of roof by making one side larger than the other and then use screws to attach them together. Use wet/dry cement in areas that look like a leak can come through. Instead of using rafters, you will just attach the roof to the walls. This isn’t very strong and durable, so during the snowy months, you will have to come out and clean the snow off the roof.

Once your dog house is complete, you should paint it with weatherproof stain or paint. This will prevent water damage and it will protect the wood from rot. If you have any leftover carpet, place it inside the dog house and then place a used blanket on top, this will give your dog a little padding and extra insulation.

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