34 Fantastic Wall Key Holders Design Ideas That Looks So Amazing

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34 Fantastic Wall Key Holders Design Ideas That Looks So Amazing

Whether it’s for your loved ones or for that someone who tends to misplace his keys a lot, a wall key holder serves as a great gift because it’s simple, practical, useful, and you can easily make one too. A key holder is basically a piece of sturdy wood with hooks to hang multiple keys on.

Though you can easily purchase a cheap key holder in a nearby store, making one yourself is much more fun and you can design it according to your style. Here are the supplies you will need, as well as the basic procedure on how to make one.


– Wood (8 x 6 inches)
– Glue
– Router
– Small hooks
– Router bit
– Paintbrush
– Paint
– Drill
– Stain
– Tack cloth
– Sand paper

To make a nice wall key holder, you should use a router, which is attached with its router bit along the entire outer chunk of sturdy wood. Serving as a border for your wood, this will really give it a nice round and smooth finish instead of a chunk of wood with rough and uneven edges. If you don’t have a router, however, you can either polish the edges using a sand paper or purchase a precut wood, which is trimmed already around the edges at any nearby craft store.

The next step in making your wall key holder is drilling the holes for twisting the hooks in. Ideally, you should drill the holes one inch from the base of the piece of wood. You can mark this measurement by tracing a line across the entire wood with your pencil. Now take the length of the wood using a ruler, and divide it by the amount of hooks you would want to put in to determine the length of each space between hooks. Always make sure all holes are equally spaced. You can then proceed on drilling the holes and screwing the hooks in them. Finish it off by using the sand paper to make the wood smooth and shiny, and follow it up by wiping it with the tack cloth to eliminate residue.

Now here comes the fun part; designing the wall key holder. Since the wood used measures 8×6 inches, there is a lot of unused space. You can maximize the use of this blank space by putting some designs or drawings on it. You can write names, draw pictures, create colorful designs, put stickers, or even pin photographs. The beauty of making your own key holder is you’re free to design it in whatever form you want. So be creative and have fun.

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