35 Excellent Chair And Table Design Ideas With Flower Shapes To Try Asap

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35 Excellent Chair And Table Design Ideas With Flower Shapes To Try Asap

Tables and chairs assume greater importance in our lives as we eat, drink and even work on them. It is a thing of beauty in our home.

Material used in tables and chairs

These can be made of various materials depending on our taste and budget.

Wood: The most common material used in furniture making is wood. Wooden tables with glass top are the most popular variety in dining tables. Instead of plain wood, carving is done on the legs and the sides, to make the furniture look grand. Curved legs of the table look good too and give the table a sturdy appearance. The height and the shape of the chairs can be made unique as per the individual specifications. Chairs with a large back look grand, but then, for such chairs, you should have a bigger space. The sitting of the chair can be plain, if you are using it for kitchen table or for kids table. But for dining table, the chairs can be fixed with various types of cloth such as velvet or satin to make it look exquisite.

Wrought Iron: Wrought iron is table set can be particularly useful in the backyard. These look better and are sturdier than the aluminum ones. You can even get a glass top fitted on a wrought iron base and serve it as dining table.

Aluminum: Tables made of these are primarily kept in the garden or backyard as these are resistant to heat as well as cold.

Glass: Thick and strong fiber glass is used to make the table. The density of the glass is kept thick to make it sturdy. It enhances the appearance of the room as the light reflects better with glass. Another advantage of using glass is that it can match any type of décor that you may have in the house. Moreover, it is easy to clean the glass as compared to any other furniture.

Points to be remembered before buying tables and chairs:

  • The shape of the garden table can be square or round. But it is better to have a rectangular dining table as it accommodates more people.
  • The chairs should match the décor of the rest of the furniture in the house. Change the tapestry every two years. You can even make washable covers for the chair.
  • Kitchen table should be a small and made of wood.
  • Kids table should be made of durable material. Metal should be avoided as far as possible.
  • Keep a centre piece or a sturdy candle stand on the dining table You can even keep a hanging lamp to give it a dramatic effect.

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