35 Newest Bedroom Design Ideas That Featuring With Wooden Panel Wall

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35 Newest Bedroom Design Ideas That Featuring With Wooden Panel Wall

Going for a big-scale visual display behind the bed is a very good idea because it focuses attention on the bed. It’s a decorating device many interior decorators use. Here are some bedroom decor tips and ideas for the wall behind the bed.

It’s very trendy to use wallpaper panels to create a tall, virtual ‘bedhead’. You can also be adventurous and use three different wallpaper patterns – either complementary or contrasting – for an eclectic or funky look. The downside of using wallpaper is that it is permanent, so you have to be very sure you like the effect and the pattern before you put it up. In addition, you wouldn’t be able to take it with you if you move out.

A more flexible option to bedroom wall decoration is to hang fabric panels, which can be taken down for cleaning or changed when you get tired of the color scheme. This idea also has the benefit of being a great DIY project you can complete in just one weekend.

Depending on the effect you want, you can hang the panels up individually on a cable wire or a thin chain (from any DIY shops) suspended form two hooks on either side of the bed.

To create the panels, simply fold the top of the fabric over to create an open tunnel and sew, then attach a row of fishing weights or decorative tassels to the opposite end so they will fall straight up. Slip the cable through, hang and voila – a beautifully dressed bed.

Alternatively, look at wall cladding with wood. Large wooden panels can be screwed in place and trimmed with flat molding to make a grid effect. Flush plywood sheets or thin wood veneer at the head of a bed will create a warm sense of enclosure for a sleeping space.

Wood paneling can be warming and give the effect of enclosure if dark woods are used; with lighter woods, such as light oak, bleached teak, elm or maple, it tends to be refreshing.

If you’re willing to stretch your imagination, you’ll find many other types of materials to use for your bedroom wall, ranging from metal to leather and even coconut husks.