38 Enchanting Bed In A Bag Design Ideas For Kids That Your Kids Will Like It

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38 Enchanting Bed In A Bag Design Ideas For Kids That Your Kids Will Like It

If you have seen the term Kids bed in a bag set online and are not sure exactly what that means you are not alone. Or maybe you have heard the term bed in a box, interchangeably they mean the same thing just different retailers use different terms. If you have questioned what this means you are in luck because I would like to clarify what it means for you.

A kids bed in a bag set is a random selection of bed linens that are grouped together to make up a complete set to be sold together. These sets can be complete with any of the following: sheets, comforters, duvets, decorative pillows, pillow shams, bed skirts, valances or quilts.

The first time that I came across the term kids bed in a bag/box my first impression was that it was some sort of portable bed that can be folded up and easily transported. After reading on and later learning that bed in a bag/box was actually bed linens and not a bed in fact it made more sense to me. I am not sure who came up with this term but it is a good one for what it is and it has certainly caught on and you will start seeing this more as it grows in popularity as a great way to purchase your bedding for kids to complete your kids room.

There are some key things however to consider when choosing your kids bed in a bag set and I would like to outline those for you:

The first thing to consider and think about especially when shopping online is to make sure that you read the information and details posted on the product page as different retailers group together different accessories to make up their kids bed in a bag sets. They vary greatly as to what is available per theme as well. If the retailer or online store that you are thinking about buying from does not clearly state what is included in the set, I would call or email the retailer or move on to a retailer that is more descriptive and helpful in choosing your bedding for kids.

Wondering what sort of combinations you may see for your kids bed in a bag set to choose from? I did some research online and would like to share with you what I found for different sets in the following variations that seem to be the most common:

  • comforter, sheet set, bed skirt, pillow sham
  • comforter, shams, bed skirt
  • comforter decorative pillows, valances, pillow shams, sheets
  • duvet cover, sheets, comforter
  • duvet cover, bed skirts, sheets