39 Favorite Winter Tree Display Design Ideas For Small Spaces

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39 Favorite Winter Tree Display Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Perhaps one of the best parts of Christmas is choosing a beautiful tree, stringing lights on it and then decorating it with ornaments and ribbon. Some families have a traditional way they decorate their tree, while others like to play around a little and change it up each year. There are many different ways to decorate a tree, as you can plainly see by viewing the many artificial tree setups at department stores this time of year.

While there are unlimited choices as far as adornments and color choices, there seems to be a few popular themes that people choose when decorating their tree. Some of the widely used decorating themes are detailed below.

The Homemade Tree – People who decorate in the homemade fashion would likely consider it a “traditional” tree, but only because it is tradition for them. Trees that are decorated primarily with homemade items include ornaments that have been passed down through the years, ones that the children made or that were gifts from special people. There is also likely to be a string of popcorn mixed with dried cranberries, or gobs of tinsel put on by child’s hands. These trees are sentimental and therefore, become a strong tradition.

The Traditional Tree – This tree is not named for the tradition of creating it each year, but for the traditional colors that adorn it. Decorated with clear or multi-colored lights, the tree is often covered in green, red and white ornament balls. Shiny or matte, these little globes are available in all sizes and material, from plastic, glass or metal. Ribbons in red or silver can swirl around the tree and be used to make a bow for the top, in place of a star or angel topping.

The Victorian Tree – Many department stores display Victorian looking trees during the holidays. Usually decorated in ornate materials, from ribbons to detailed glass bulbs and even flowers, these trees are very fancy and formal. They also have a tendency to be decorated in Victorian colors, such as purple, deep blues and complementing greens. They are set apart by their stylistic decorations that are reminiscent of generations past.

The Winter Tree – For those who want a less traditional looking tree, you might consider using non-traditional Christmas colors. Jewish families, or those who simply want a winter theme, can use blue and white or silver decorations. Clear lights, blinking or not, brighten up a tree instantly, while shiny blue and silver glass bulbs make the perfect ornaments for a winter style tree. A tree skirt made of fake snow completes the look.

Anything Goes Color or Character Theme – If none of the above ideas interest you, consider a color theme. Many department stores now offer a collection of ornaments, lights and toppings that coordinate by color. Some people may try an all pink tree, and there have even been pink artificial trees available in years past for the ultimate girlie theme. You may also choose a character theme, such as Wizard of Oz, Disney or other popular licensed characters.