34 Inexpensive Green Room Designs Ideas On A Budget

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34 Inexpensive Green Room Designs Ideas On A Budget

Let’s have some fun going green and create a truly green room that is not only “eco-friendly”, but also the color or shades of green. Now you’re thinking why would I want to do that? Well when we put all of this together with my expert advise you will have one very spectacular room. You can have yourself literally and figuratively a green room. I will tell you how and give you all of the information to get started on this project.

Think of a room in your home that you have wanted to decorate but could not get started: A bed room, guest room, family room. Write that room down on a piece of paper. This room should be empty and clean because we are going to remodel it from the ground up. I am going to provide you with the information on what the products are that you will put in this room from the flooring, wall color, fabric choices and window covering options.

Free information on putting this room together and all of the product names and where to get them. The uniqueness of this room is not only based on the design element, but on the fact that all of the products used for this room are good for our environment and our health. Many of them are recycled, organic and non toxic. The sheer fact that we can create an amazing room using these products is something that we can be proud of and enjoy for years to come.

So let’s get started with the fabric choices available. When designing a room it is very important to pick the fabric first and then choose the colors around it. I have chosen three fabrics to work with and they can be put together in the room in any fashion. for instance if this is a bed room you could use one fabric for a bed ensemble and the other for window treatments and maybe a chair in the room. The other option could be a family room and you could use one fabric for a sectional or sofa, a chair and valance for the window. The first fabric is from kravet a very well known fabric company. The fabric pattern can be viewed on line and samples can be ordered through a designer. The reason that I choose Kravet is because they came out with three books called Kravet Green. All of these fabrics have been recycled and are stylish and of good quality. The other reason is because they are giving you a substantial discount on the price of the fabric when they make you their sofa or bedding. The first pattern is 29124 color 3. I choose this fabric because it is many shades of green and it can be used for a sofa, valance or bedding. The style of this fabric can really fit with any decor. The second fabric is a soft velvet that can be used for draperies, bedding or upholstery and is by Fabricut Fabrics this fabric is backed by confidence in textiles, so it does not contain any toxic properties. The fabric pattern is Rockhurst color olive and can be viewed on the net or samples can be ordered. The third and final fabric is a tone on tone green water marked fabric that would make a beautiful drape, valance, bedding or accent pillows. The company is the Q Collection the fabric is made from bamboo and linen, it contains no heavy metals and is non-toxic. The pattern is canopy #1026 color 114 lichen, samples can be ordered.

Now that we have our fabric we need to choose our paint color. I am going to recommend Benjamin Moore paint, because they have a new product called Natura. This paint is virtually orderless: zero VOC’S in any color, premium performance and meets environmental standards set forth by Leeds and Green Seal. The base I have chosen to go with the color is eggshell. The color is a wonderful rich mossy green and will add a warm but soft color to the room (it comes from the historic color line), the style name is Wethersfield Moss HC-109

Flooring is also a very important feature in the room. If you can afford to change the flooring or take out carpet I have picked out a wonderful Bamboo floor that will tie in beautifully with the room. I have chosen the flooring from Duro-Design. They offer fifty five color choices and the finish that they used is water based odorless, and has very low VOC of 90 grams. Besides their wonderful color line they also use the highest quality, 3-ply “Mao Zhu” bamboo with minimum maturity of five years, this creates a longer lasting more durable floor. The color I chose to go in our room is pistachio #31 it is a very soothing soft shade of green that complements our richer darker color walls. the floor color adds perfect contrast of light and dark.

The last element that is added to our green room would be the sun shades. This is the only product that is not in a shade of green, but would of course still be part of our “green” product line. Superior makes many great sun shades, most are backed by Confidence in Textiles and Green Guard. The other option available is to use one of the fabics from Kravet or Q collection to have a custom roman, working drape or balloon shade made to cover the window.