38 Enchanting Punk Rock Bedroom Design Ideas That Looks So Elegant

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38 Enchanting Punk Rock Bedroom Design Ideas That Looks So Elegant

For the teen or tween who loves music, a rock star bedroom can be the perfect way to express his or herself. Rock stardom is, of course, about confidence and style more than about any specific kind of music; so no matter what their music tastes, there are many options for your teen to create an authentic rock star feel with bedroom décor.

For boys, the darker the wall color, the better. Still, before going full-on with this idea, remember that black walls can be overwhelming and make the room feel much smaller. Maximum space is key for creativity and expression, so try compromising with shades of gray and navy blue to create an edgy feel without turning his room into a dungeon.

For girls, the wall situation will likely be different. Although it depends on the colors she likes, hotter shades of pink or green work well. Try also incorporating a little bit of black, maybe a bedspread or curtains, to give the room a little punk-rock attitude, and make greens, yellows, or pinks pop in contrast.

The rule of not going entirely black goes for rock star style in general. Don’t be afraid to mix and match; even the most intense female rock styles often incorporate brighter or “girlier” colors and themes ironically. Likewise, even the hardest rocking male teen style is likely to have flare and a sense of humor. Working with a blend of bright and dark motifs highlights both sides of rockstardom.

Wall decorations are also essential to create the right rock star bedroom. Posters of his/her favorite artists are always great, but for a more original touch, vintage records and record covers make great wall decorations. Even if your teen isn’t into the “oldies” from your record collection, many bands today still release vinyl records, and the format has made a huge comeback in popularity among musically-minded teens. Any memorabilia from concerts that he or she has attended will make for great decorations–concert tickets, t-shirts, pictures, or anything with an autograph can be framed and proudly displayed. A cork board and some push pins makes for a great “Hall of Fame” when it comes to collections of ticket stubs, album covers, and other items too small for framing.

A rock star room is all about atmosphere and attitude, so lighting in general is definitely important as well. Mini-strobe lights are a lot of fun and black-lights add an otherworldly glow to the room. Both are fairly simple to find at party or novelty stores, and their required set up is minimal. For some real pizzazz (if your teen is so inclined), a disco ball hanging from the ceiling can really pull the room together and complete the glamorous rock star décor.

For the aspiring rock star under your roof, it is important to showcase his or her place on stage by proudly displaying any musical equipment. No musician’s bedroom would be complete without a stereo or iPod dock to play music; and likewise, any music player needs a decent set of speakers. Stereos and speakers have long since been discovered by teens as impromptu canvases for all kinds of stickers and logos showing off their favorite artists. Larger musical pieces for the hands-on teen, like keyboards and amplifiers, give the room an authentic home studio feel. You can also try wall mounts for guitars. They are inexpensive, and can be found and most music stores. Make sure you find a wall stud before screwing these mounts in, so the weight of the guitar doesn’t pull any drywall down. Once it’s there, it’s a handy way for your teen to grab-and-go, since as we all know, the life of a rock star can be pretty hectic.

Transforming a bedroom into a rock ‘n’ roll paradise can be a great activity for you and your teen to do together. His or her input is essential because music tastes are fluid, and capturing the right feel for your young rock star really depends on the type of music he or she is listening to at the time. Still, don’t let this make you afraid to offer up some time-honored rock and roll stylings. The sounds may change, but fashion is often cyclical and you might be surprised to find how much of what was rock and roll in your teen years has come back in style.

Timing is crucial to music, and it’s crucial to room design as well. These months after Christmas often find teens with a new group of gear-music items ranging from CDs and DVDs to musical equipment are perennial favorites from Santa, so now might be prime time to give your young rock star a fitting room. They’ve got the flare at school and out with friends; it’s time they had the backstage pad to match.