35 Fantastic Bedrooms Design Ideas With A View Of Nature

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35 Fantastic Bedrooms Design Ideas With A View Of Nature

Why would a bedroom with a view be so desirable? Especially when we are sleeping in the bedroom, for the most part, with eyes closed. In fact, a lot of beach communities would agree. I’ve been to many homes there where the architect figured it would be more enjoyable to see a great ocean view from the living room or other wakeful rooms like dining room and kitchen.

Bedrooms in these homes are downstairs, which also makes a lot of sense to me in case of fire or emergencies at night. Being startled out of sleep but having quick access to the outside seems like a good option. In fact, some centuries-old Feng Shui notions about where on the mountain a house should be placed include the opinion that the very top of the mountain is not desirable, as it could trap someone more easily in a fire.

That said, what inspired this article was a stroll through some photos on the Houzz dot com website, showcasing gorgeous bedrooms with views to the ocean, mountains or forest and you can’t argue with the instant tranquility that these views bring. Maybe this is the point: that these lovely views are conducive to relaxation and many people need whatever they can get, internally or externally, to help them relax before bed. As well, waking up in the morning to a beautiful view can also inspire a day with more hope and positivity.

Further on, from a psychological point of reference, when we have an expansive view to appreciate, we feel more connected to the planet and simultaneously feel humble in the face of nature and also a sense of reigning power over our vantage point. When astronauts in space look back at Earth, the perspective causes nothing less than a profound spiritual experience.

So, what to do with the more ordinary bedroom which 99% of the population has, with no staggering views to consume? The take away here is to at least make your bedroom a beautiful retreat, views or not. At the very least you can cover up bad views. I have advised many clients to frost over windows which could only capture horrible views, so that at least some natural light comes in without the negative reminders of what they may be looking at. This has included folks who had views of brick walls, dilapidated neighboring buildings, bill board signs, the hoarder next door, and many other less than appealing views. Internally, you can remove the piles of paper, books and items meant for the recycling bin or Good Will. Removing the laundry basket and any other reminders of work and commitments is a good way to start making your bedroom more of a tranquil haven instead of just a warehouse of stuff.

Paint is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to transform a room and you can choose colors which are whimsical, nurturing, and even complementary to the unseen forces in the room which the classical Feng Shui practitioners refer to as the “flying stars.” These energies are the fabric of the energy field in the room and they can be manipulated with actual elements and to a lesser extent with color.

And what if you are a renter who is not allowed to paint? You can always put large murals or tapestries on the wall or even a collection of pictures which can bring in a theme of color to the room. This would be true for any room, not just the bedroom. Photos and images of nature can also give the illusion of more space and views, especially to a small room.

Getting fresh air while sleeping can be a wonderful boost to health and the implication is that a room with big views has, by definition, big windows or slider doors to open. These days, one wonders where on the planet the air is still pristine, but I’m still guessing that the air outside may be cleaner than the air and exhales trapped in a bedroom, along with continually off-gassing synthetic carpet and furnishings. Because of that, using an air purifier or negative ion machine in a bedroom is a valid modern Feng Shui remedy.