37 Latest Kids Bedroom Design Ideas With Spiderman Themes

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37 Latest Kids Bedroom Design Ideas With Spiderman Themes

Spiderman pillows are a very basic component of dressing a bedroom for a Marvel Comics fan. Still, there are many choices that will meet the needs of different age children. For example, a younger child may like having a pillow in the shape of Spiderman to take to bed like a stuffed animal. Kids that are a little older may prefer simple square themed pillows with the hero’s likeness. But there’s more to making a really great room than just pillows, so read on.

If your child has sleepovers on a regular basis, a Spiderman sofa may be just the ticket. Models range from very basic to those that fold out into a bed big enough for a child. If something like that is overkill, a Spiderman sleeping bag is a good alternative.

It’s nice to have a separate sleeping bag for guests and one for when your own child is a guest. Between a fold out sofa and a basic sleeping bag are some other options, the best of which is a sleeping bag with an inflatable air mattress, which stores easy and blows itself up with an electric air pump.

The main piece of furniture in the room should be dressed with Spiderman sheets to match. Sets come with or without comforters and usually include pillow cases. Tastes vary from person to person but you may want to consider matching the sheet set to your Spiderman pillows or other items.

To dress up your walls, find pictures of Spiderman comic book covers, print and frame them. If you don’t have much wall space, Spiderman appliques are a great way to fill what space you do have. They also don’t mar walls and you can re-position them multiple times. If wall space is really tight, remember that superheros aren’t afraid of heights and utilize the ceiling.

Spiderman lamps come in various styles that match your other themed items. Younger children may like to have a Spiderman night light to comfort them in the dark. A good solution between the two types of lamps is a Spiderman EVA lamp, which creates a soothing red glow.

For a personalized touch, purchase some Spiderman action figures to complement your Spiderman pillows and other items. A cost effective way to do this is to find online retailers who have leftover Spiderman movie merchandise and are selling at a discount now that the movie hype is over. Light fixtures and ceiling vents are great places to hang an action figure from a piece of thread in an action pose. Use some or all of these ideas to make your ultimate Mighty Marvel Spiderman bedroom.