39 Chic Outdoor Home Theaters Design Ideas To Have Asap

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39 Chic Outdoor Home Theaters Design Ideas To Have Asap

With the harder economic times comes the need to find ways to entertain your family at home. Your backyard is an under-used part of your home that you could be getting a lot of use out of. One of the most fun ways to get a better backyard is to get a backyard home theater, where the family can gather and spend time together.

Now, even though this can get expensive there are ways to do this on the cheap. This is very important to understand if you love the idea but can’t come up with the cash. Get an LCD projector and a white sheet and you’re good to go!

However, many people will want to get a lot more high tech when they add their home theater to their home. You could even have outdoor surround sound installed if you wanted to make it a true theater like experience.

One of the most important things you’ll want to keep in mind is weather protection. Home people have a totally enclosed, waterproof system so they don’t have to mess with their backyard theater very frequently. If this is important to you, but you don’t have the equipment available to waterproof your electronics, you can always come up with a way to store it when it’s not in use.

This is very easy to do if you go with the LCD projector. Those can be easily tucked away and the screen (or sheet!) can be put away as well. This is truly a lot easier to manage than most people think.

If you have a backyard theater set up, you’ll definitely want to have food available for family and friends to snack on. This can include popcorn, chips, sodas, and whatever else you think would lead to a good time. Of course, no one will complain if you decide to go the healthier route and provide a veggie tray or fruit and dip!

The point of having a backyard theater is to create an extra fun space for you to go in your backyard. Being outside is a very special thing. That’s why drive in theaters were so popular! There is no need to go hunting for a drive in theater when you have one in our very own backyard.

Be creative. You can spend as little or as much money if you want to create your great backyard home theater system. Get the food ready and your backyard will be the favorite spot of everyone in your family. Even the neighbors will want to come over!