40+ Affordable DIY Garden Wedding Shower Design Ideas On A Budget

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40+ Affordable DIY Garden Wedding Shower Design Ideas On A Budget

Spring is coming very soon. Very shortly plants will be greening up, animals will be birthing their young for this year, and young couples will be thinking about romance and marriage. It seems that the very atmosphere of spring causes us all to think along these lines. One excellent way to mark a spring wedding in the guests’ memories is to include some spring or garden wedding favors to be given as thank you gift to the guests when making the plans.

Many different items can be given as spring wedding favors. The nature or usefulness of the items is not really critical. The imaginative use of colors and symbols that represent spring is the key to making these items perfect gifts to show the gratitude of the couple to their guests in attendance at a spring wedding. Shimmering sating ribbons tied around cloth bags done in bright colors, wedding cake shaped candles done in Easter pastel colors, and shower gels that are useful in the bath and honor the showers of April that contribute to the growth of new life are some classic examples of spring wedding favors.

The focus of garden wedding favors is more toward flowers and the way their rebirth adds beauty back into the world. Flowering plant seeds that one’s guests may plant in their own gardens to have a fresh living reminder of sharing in the happiness of the occasion are often given as garden wedding favors. Other items are often colored and decorated with the shapes of blooms in honor of spring flowers that bring beauty back into the world after the bitterness of winter. Some even give honey pots with wooden dippers to honor the bees who pollinate the flowers and encourage the growth of next years plants.

Spring and garden wedding favors are both good items to include as thank you gifts for the guests when a couple plans to marry in spring. This is a happy and pleasant theme that is easy for everyone to identify with and includes decorations that draw inspiration if not implementation directly from the works of Mother Nature. After a long, dark winter, few things are as likely to help cheer people the way a spring wedding can do.

As keepsakes, spring and garden wedding favors are items that one’s guests will love having and enjoy for many years because they are inherently beautiful and help people recall the happy memories associated with being with the bride and groom as they began their life together as a couple instead of lives apart as two separate individuals. These small items are not very costly, but they take on a value that transcends price as thank you gifts for the guests and as keepsake items to remind them of the happy occasion.

It is a very good idea for all couples planning to get married in spring to include spring or garden wedding favors in their plans as decorations and to thank their guests.