40+ Sophisticated Living Room Furniture Design Ideas To Try Right Now

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40+ Sophisticated Living Room Furniture Design Ideas To Try Right Now

Living room is usually considered as the heart of every home. This is where family members get together; spend time together after a busy day. Most of their chats happen in the living room. Given this fact, it is important that the living room furniture design be patterned on the personality and style of the owner. Moreover, different pieces of furniture are the best elements to materialize these concepts.

How to do this, here’s how:

1. Coffee table

By definition, coffee tables are usually put in the center of a living room. Functional and attractive living room furniture design for coffee tables would entail a design with clean, simple lines in solid wood. This will cope best with natural wear and tear.

Try to avoid glass tables that need constant wiping – unless you enjoy cleaning! Rather than choosing an open-shelf coffee table, buy one with built-in drawers to store magazines and keep clutter out of sight. There is less to dust too.

2. Sofa

Quality sofas are those that have simple back cushions and plain scroll arms. These types of sofas will work best for families and are great pieces in the living room. This simple design will make the items fit for any theme and for any generation all through the years.

Functional sofas should let your feet be able to touch the ground when you are sitting normally. Hence, when choosing sofas, it is best that you check the seat height and see if it is correct. If it is too high, ask to try different seat cushions.

3. Accent chair

In getting accent chairs, make sure that the chair has a solid wooden construction and is well upholstered. After all, nobody would want to have lumpy cushions. Right?

Also, your accent chairs need not much your sofa, although it is important to upholster it in a complementary fabric or one that picks up other colors around the wall or curtains.

Accent chairs tend not to have a removable covers so choose a fabric that is easy to keep clean. For your rebellious streak, indulge in a classic chaise lounge.