40+ Simple Kitchen Storage Design Ideas That You Want To Try

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40+ Simple Kitchen Storage Design Ideas That You Want To Try

The kitchen is one of the most if not the only popular room in the house. It’s where breakfast, lunch and dinner are made, after-school snacks are doled out and where people congregate during a party.

So, the kitchen has to be useful, but it should also be beautiful. One of the major problems in the kitchen is storage and this issue is also what tends to detract from the beauty of the room. Luckily, innovative kitchen storage ideas abound. No matter the size, shape or theme of the kitchen, there is a solution to the storage problem. Here are just some of the latest innovative kitchen storage designs that are cropping up in new built homes as well as renovations:

* Drawers

There are so many things you can do with drawers these days that keep them clutter free and maximize their usage. Partitions and dual levels keep your utensils organized. Layering deep drawers is a great way to efficiently use this space.

A safety measure for drawers is the knife holders that are part of the utensil organizer. The blade slides in and protects fingers when grabbing things from the drawer. Another innovative kitchen storage design is the deep drawers partitioned for your pots and pans. This keeps you from having the jumble of pots that are usually found in cabinets.

* Corner Space

There are all kinds of ways to use the corner spaces that just seem to be a big awkward waste of space. Under the cabinet corners can become built in bread boxes, wine racks or even spice racks.

* Under The Cabinet

Don’t know what to do with your wine glasses? You want to display them so, install an under the cabinet rack. Slide the stem through and the glasses hang elegantly and out of the way.

* Cabinets

An easy way to store plates is with pegs. Slide a plate between and it makes for a much more appealing look than just stacked plates. Put hooks inside the cabinets to hang coffee cups above your saucers and create another cozy cabinet look.

* Ease And Efficiency

In your drawers, cabinets and even pantry, think about what you want that could make things easier for you. One thing you can do is install pull out shelves for cabinets for easy access to those pieces at the back.

A second and very important step you can take is to request higher cabinets. The standard height is 30″ and, while it leaves you that space above for decorative items, why not go for 42″ cabinets and get more storage? Most of that above the cabinet space turns into a busy dust magnet of stuff anyway.

Be creative. You know how you use your kitchen. Come up with your own innovative kitchen storage ideas and then make it happen. Chances are good there is already something out there to help you! It’s never too late to organize and beautify your kitchen. This is a lively room full of activity and socialization. Make it one that simplifies the work so you can focus on the fun too!

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