40+ Smart Space Saving Bathroom Solutions Ideas That You Need To Copy

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40+ Smart Space Saving Bathroom Solutions Ideas That You Need To Copy

If you are one of the millions of people around the world who has to endure the claustrophobia of a small bathroom, help is at hand. There are a massive range of space saving solutions on the market today that will turn your tiny little bathroom into what feels like a spacious and well designed room.

Miracles aside, the bathroom furniture, toilet and shower manufacturers have realized that with smaller homes being built, and families unable to move as their numbers expand, space saving designs really are good for business. And they’re good for you too.

The typical bathroom in a modern suburban home can often be no more that 3-4 meters long, by a couple of meters wide. And you’ve got to fit a bath, toilet, vanity, heater, and maybe a shower in there!!! And don’t forget, you have to get in there too, and perhaps with a couple of young kids as well. Unless you are like Spiderman, something needs to be done.

Of course one can buy smaller baths, but if you are a person of average size, having your feet stuck round the taps is probably not your idea of fun. But you can look at the range of corner vanities, and even the toilets that are designed to fit into the corner of a small room.

Corner vanities are one great space saving solution that can easily fill an unused corner, and provide a good amount of storage for towels, bathroom accessories and cosmetics. I keep my collection of rubber ducks in mine. Sure, I’m 42 years old, but it’s nice to hang on to some aspects of your childhood isn’t it?

Toilets designed for corner mounting are a wonderful invention that can really save you space. The major manufacturers all produce them, both in traditional round bowl design, or in a more modern elongated style. Check them out.

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