20+ Astonishing Family House Design Ideas That Suitable For Big Family

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Astonishing Family House Design Ideas That Suitable For Big Family 01

How Many Rooms Do You Currently Need? Determining Needs Vs. Wants It's easy to say, "I want a two bedroom house," or "I have to have at least five bedrooms," but carefully consider the reasons you really want them and what you actually need for your current family. Will you need an extra bedroom for a home office? Would your children really want to be split up, or would they prefer to share a single, spacious bedroom so they can keep each other company after the lights are out? Your current needs may be smaller than you think. Keep entertaining in mind as well; if you frequently have large groups of relatives and friends over, consider having a separate entertaining area or larger rooms that will improve traffic flow.

Will You Need More Room In The Future? Look For Designs That Are Flexible If you choose family home designs that include three bedrooms, they may be perfect for you and your two children, but what if you have more children down the road, or you have to bring an elderly parent into your household? Consider whether you would prefer to relocate to a bigger house down the road or whether you'd prefer that your builders include an extra bedroom that could be a play area now and a nursery later. If you don't like the idea of moving or paying for extra rooms you may not use right away, be sure the lot you choose is big enough to allow for possible expansion of the house down the line. When visiting display homes, be sure to note any unusual ways rooms are used that could make available rooms work for you now and in the future.

How Much Outdoor Space Do You Want? Gardens, Lawns And Alfresco Living Talk to family home builders about lot size as well as plans for an outdoor entertaining area. Many of today's house plans include an alfresco area that is fully or partially sheltered for outdoor dining and relaxation, but some have a postage stamp sized lot beyond that area. If you want plenty of grass for your children to play on, look at the plot of land as well as the floor plan of the house itself. If you simply want an easy-care patio area without much lawn or garden to care for, you may be able to expand the alfresco area for more usable space.

What Rooms Will You Use The Most? How Will You Use Them? If you usually congregate with your kids and spouse in the kitchen every evening, consider house designs with spacious kitchens or an open concept so that you can prepare meals without missing out on what everyone is doing in the living room. On the other hand, if formal entertaining is more your speed, you'll want to check out display homes that feature formal dining rooms and living rooms or specialised entertaining spaces such as personal theatres.
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