20+ Cozy Bedroom Design Ideas for Couples

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This young family consists of husband, wife and 1 month old baby girl who share a bedroom together. When the husband worked all day, the wife and their baby spent most of the time in the bedroom. Taking care of the baby, watching TV, and resting are the main activities. Come on in and see how the couple created a dream bedroom with a bathroom in it that not only felt comfortable but was also a safe space for their baby.

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Using a variety of furniture choices that really pay attention to their comfort and put your little one’s safety first.

20 Cozy Bedroom Design Ideas For Couples 2
Relaxing comfort and safety

This is a bedroom solution with a bathroom for a young couple sharing space with their baby. This room is the center of activity as well as an oasis from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The use of furniture and various accessories made of natural materials can create a harmonious, soothing look. Also make sure the safety of the baby is a top priority.

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Perfect combination

Comfortable mattresses, quilts, quilt covers, and bed linen, ergonomic pillows, complete with mattress pads and additional pillows and blankets are also important things to support the creation of a dream room full of tenderness. Playing on the bed with your little one becomes more comfortable and calm.

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Busy area under control

Place the cot near your bed, so that when you wake up in the middle of the night, you can reach it quickly and easily. Make sure the table for changing diapers with complete accessories is close to the baby’s bed to facilitate your activities.

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All necessities within reach

Use a comfortable nursing chair with additional cushions that can be stored in the basket, and complete with a trolley to place various nursing supplies that are easy to move when needed. The use of soft lighting is perfect for helping you move without disturbing the baby.

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20 Cozy Bedroom Design Ideas For Couples 6
Hidden serenity

Create a quiet and comfortable private area by using cotton curtains and lining with thicker curtains specially designed to help clean indoor air pollutants. Put a curtain around the bed so that the activity and light in it don’t disturb your baby’s sleep.

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Well organized

For the wardrobe, complete it with various accessories, storage boxes and arrangement inserts to maximize storage. By adding lighting in the wardrobe, you can see what’s inside the wardrobe without disturbing your child’s sleep.

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Everything lies in its place

The bathroom which is located close to the wardrobe can facilitate your daily activities. Take advantage of the wall area as an organized storage area for your toiletries and accessories. Place the bathtub, ladder stool and baby towels in easy-to-reach places, such as the shower area.

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