20+ Creative Space Saving Apartment Design Ideas

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Moving to the city for work, a creative and expressive young man lives in a one-bedroom apartment. Eating, working, reading books to watching favorite TV shows, all are done in the living room. Let’s see how he arranges the limited living room area to accommodate all of his activities and keeps his hobby of gardening on the balcony.

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This is a one bedroom apartment, where the living room becomes the center of the activity. By using multifunctional furniture, this apartment can act as a comfortable place to live, a work area, and a space for a hobby.

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Lightweight and multifunctional furniture for limited space

When almost all activities are carried out in one limited space, multifunctional and easy-to-move furniture allows you to maximize the use of space. A stool with storage not only offers a seat for arriving guests, but also space to store a small pillow or blanket.

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There is always room for guests to come

Although the area is limited, this space is ready to welcome guests. Floor cushions can be a comfortable and space-saving seating option. You can also use a multi-function stair stool or outdoor bench for additional seating.

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Take advantage of the area around the sofa

This creative young man also has a YouTube channel where he shares information about plants. The living room is also used as a work space. He uses the space around the sofa to support work activities by hanging the base of the laptop and bag on the hook and putting the laptop on the spice rack. Snacks on a cart do not forget to be provided as a mood booster. Time to shoot and edit videos!

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Express yourself with a play of colors

Instead of just using white on a wall, you can play with a few colors as a means of expressing yourself. Pair it with furniture placement and decorations to showcase your collection in the living room.

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Apart from being a storage area, the bookshelf also serves to display your collection. Like this BILLY bookcase, a collection of beautiful vases is arranged according to color at the top of the shelf, while at the bottom of the shelf contains closed storage for storing various necessities.

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Gardening in the apartment

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you don’t have room for a hobby of gardening. In the balcony area, take advantage of the height of the walls for farming using a multi-functional kitchen rail. To store garden tools, you can use stainless steel storage and weather-resistant plastic boxes. Use a clothesline that folds and is easy to store so you can have room for other fun activities.

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