30+ Amazing Small Living Room With Vaulted Ceiling

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Amazing Small Living Room With Vaulted Ceiling 39

A lot of homes on Long Island were built with open attic space over the living areas of the home. Most of us stuff this space with clutter and storage items that sit for years. This space can be a remodeling gold mine. Consider using this dead area to vault the ceiling area over a kitchen, den, bedroom or even a bathroom area.

Care should be taken to ensure the integrity of the building structure. Most often this home remodeling project is not that difficult when done by a professional general contractor and cost less than a typical dormer addition. Kitchen remodeling jobs really pop when a vaulted ceiling is integrated into the plan, and if you have a modest bedroom addition or a small den the feel of a larger space is worth the money spent. The “lift factor” also enhances resale value.

Make sure that the roof rafters are padded with framing lumber strips to allow for the thicker insulation that will be needed. By making the rafters thicker you allow for more energy efficiency with the increased insulation and also allow for proper venting air flow. Remember always use a licensed contractor and for a great job seek out a Certified Remodeler! It’s your home- protect your investment and enjoy the new space. Think of it as a new home extension that went up instead of out and you pocket the change.

There are many types of homes that have unused attic areas- ranches, cape cods, hi ranches, split-levels and the second floor of typical colonials. As a last note check and central air conditioning issues before you begin.