30+ Beautiful Front Yard Cactus Garden Ideas

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With the ever increasing water shortages in different areas of America why wouldn’t you use a cactus landscape? There’s even a term for cactus landscaping or landscaping that saves water; it’s called xeriscaping. Some important aspects of using cacti landscaping are understanding the many advantages, how to hydrozone, and how to use the cacti correctly in order to have a beautiful garden.

The benefits of having a cactus landscape are overwhelming. Obviously, it saves a lot of water. Secondly, cacti require little care. During times of drought your cactus landscape will survive while others are dying. Having a cactus garden is like having a kid that takes care of himself. I’m not saying that your cactus landscape has to consist on of cactus, there’s a great way to have other plants and still save water called hydrozoning.

As you may already know hydrozoning is when you put plants into groups that have similar watering requirements. This allows you to have a group of your favorite plants and still save a lot of water. In fact it would be best to put these plants in the shade like under a tree. Another good idea is to put these plants at the bottom of a slope so that rain water flows down to them. Now that we have identified good places for our other plants it’s time to start landscaping our cacti.

As I said before cacti are very tough plants. Some survive temperatures of over 120 degrees in the shade. So, when planting your cacti you can put you cacti anywhere. It’s good to put them on banks or the sides of hills where you don’t want to mow the lawn. Your planning you landscape should have the tall plants in the back and fuller ones in the front. Make sure that your cactus landscape is full of different colors and flowers.

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Cactus landscaping goes far being the scope of what I’ve covered in this report. This article was written to just cover the basics of cactus landscaping like it’s advantages, how to hydrozone, and some cactus landscaping tips.

While cacti are beautiful plants my favorite plant would have to be the bonsai tree. The bonsai tree is a beautiful addition to any garden. Find out how one man discovered the secrets of creating amazing bonsai trees and how you can learn these step by step secrets too.

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