30+ Lovely Retaining Wall Ideas For Sloped Front Yard

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If you have lived in your house in Kelowna for a long time, you may be looking for new ideas for your garden and landscaping in general. A retaining wall is one item you might consider, either because you need one or you want to improve your existing property.

A yard with a long sloping hill may create a breathtaking landscape, but having that slope means that it is difficult to have proper usable space in your yard. For example, a patio or shed will need level ground and a well built retaining wall can give you back usable space in your back yard.Depending on the size of wall that you build, you might need a permit from your local municipal authority. Check with your local rules and regulations before starting to build.

Let’s say you have a front yard that has a fence around it. A landscaping company can help make your garden look more unique with a retaining wall. Replacing the fence will give you a one of a kind look that both enhances the value of your property in Kelowna and is pleasing to the eye.

A back yard that is not properly leveled is a good candidate for a retaining wall. You might even create several levels of retaining walls if your property is leveled in such a way. This is a good opportunity to be creative in your landscape design and to use the space on each level for items such as flower gardens, a patio, or a small grass area.

Once you have decided that a retaining wall is correct for your property, you will want to investigate different types of materials that are used. Some examples include rock, Allan Block, and Keystone walls. Your landscape designer will be able to help you select the correct material based on your requirements.Make sure to understand the pros and cons of different types of building materials.

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Depending on the type of land that you have in the city of Kelowna, a retaining wall may be a good choice in your landscape design. Either you want one because the look appeals to you or you require one in order to make better use of non-leveled land. Make sure to work with a well referenced professional landscaping company who will advise you on the best methods to use in construction. You want to make sure that your retaining wall lasts for many years and adds value to your home.


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