30+ Cozy Backyard String Light Ideas

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The appearance of any patio or backyard needs to be enhanced if there is a party or even if people just plan to have a family camp-out. The string lights give an ambiance that is at par with happiness. If you want to create a magical look for your outdoors, then installing outdoor string lights is the best choice. It is more important to maintain them, as well. The basic thing to do is to clean the inner and outer sides of the lamps at regular intervals. Since dirt would cover the lamps entirely, it is best to use a soft cloth or brush to clean them. The simple act of cleaning will enable the lamps to glow brighter for a longer time.

One must care to remember that these outdoor string lights should be able to withstand heavy winds or rainfall. At these times, one can keep them on for decorating the outdoors. They do not need to be kept inside as they are made to be durable and resistant to wind and rain. In case of solar-powered string lights for outdoor areas, the more the lamps are placed in a sunny area, the more chances there are of lighting them brightly at night. Strong winds cannot damage the lights if they are the durable kind. Their materials would allow them to be used at any kind of weather. It is a good idea to bind them to a fence so that there is no longer any need to worry about the lights falling off. Outdoor string lights decorating the patio or backyard gives people a chance to enjoy their brightness with friends and family.

There are some do’s and dont’s:

Don’t place them in such a way that the lights glare at the eyes. It is better placing them behind seating areas where people plan to stay, rather than right in front of their eyes.

It is important to clear any problems with neighbors in case they find the outdoor string lights to be disturbing them.

Do keep the lights away from reach of kids and pets.

Do follow the instructions for hanging them in the appropriate manner.

Be careful while handling the wires of the string of lights.

If one is careful enough to look after the lights as relevant parts of house furnishings, these will last long and keep the home cheerful for years to come.

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