30+ Elegant Desert Landscape Ideas For Backyards

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The desert landscape is nothing if not textured and unique. Interesting plants and animals line the landscape and provide for visual interest for those who are traveling through the Mojave desert. Landscaping in Chandler means landscaping a desert terrain.

You must allow for the climate, for the always present sunshine, for the warm nights, and lack of constant rainfall. Chandler AZ Landscaping Ideas that might prove to be viable for you are listed below:

When landscaping in the desert, the terrain is by and large red rock or sandstone. Providing elements that will add interest to it and draw the eye in the direction that you want it to go is an important part of a Chandler landscaping project.

Since a vast portion of what you are going to be viewing is red rock and will be oblong, square, or rectangular in nature, set it off by using some curves aspects. You can do this by making curves in the walkway, by installing oval or circular beds or boundary areas and by offering the illusion of sloping hills by using raised beds for some of your flowers or vegetables.

The curves will add the illusion of an expanse and help to soften the square rocks and angles of your home. Anything that adds a softer look to the desert landscape is a welcome change, since a lot of what you will see are rocks and sandy areas. Pine trees, softer succulent plants that grow well in the desert area still offer a touch of softness that your landscape will benefit from.

A further idea might be to use less greenery in order to accommodate the need to use less water. In the desert, water is at a premium. Some families today still haul water. Having landscaping elements such as northern plants and flowers that require a great deal of water, or having a broad expanse of lawn that requires more to water is simply not ideal when you live in the Mojave.

Plant smaller areas of grass. Mix sandstone or lay flagstone and use that as the main yard or garden, while adding just a few spots of grassy areas, flowering cacti or other hardy drought resistant flowers. Planting native elements is one of the best Chandler landscaping ideas that you will find.

Native plants tend to flower brilliantly, offer great color and great cover, but don’t require a great deal of excessive handling or care to make them give you those wonderful flowers and that elegant look all year around.

Pine grows well in in Chandler, so that may be another to add to your growing pile of desert landscaping ideas. Pines and other trees that have deeper root systems do well in desert areas because they can pull from the depths of the earth to get the water that they need. The contrast between the stately pine trees and the red rocks of the desert area make for an outstanding look in backyard.

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