30+ Fabulous Cherry Wood Bedroom Ideas

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Wood bedroom furniture is a wise, proud and practical choice. Strong and durable, wooden furniture is also an elegant selection that can give you many decades of service. There is a noble grandeur to wood with a history that goes back to antiquity.

Solid wood bedroom furniture, whether oak, mahogany, cherry or other types of wood are becoming more difficult to locate in some furniture stores. Many people are now far too satisfied with particleboard or other pressed wood imitations that are much weaker and last for much less time. That is a shame because nothing can take the place of solid wood bedroom furniture.

Wood grain has a look that is refined and is immediately identified by its warmth as the right choice. Wood also is a natural material, milled and crafted not manufactured like a loaf of factory bread. Natural wood furniture reminds us that we are all part of nature. A product of the woods and forests, wooden furniture is home, our home. Throughout the generations people have used wood furniture.

Five Practical Considerations:

1) Buy enough furniture to fit in your bedroom without crowding. It is never a good idea to buy an extra piece of furniture just because you like it. If it crowds the room, it detracts from the appearance of the room.

2) Do not mix basic styles. If you intend to keep some of your old furniture items in your bedroom, make sure the new wood bedroom furniture you buy is the same style. If you want a “new look” then all new furniture items must be in the new style you select. Remember that no matter how much you wish to have contemporary bedroom furniture, you cannot keep that French provincial table in the same room.

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3) Make sure the bed is the appropriate size for your needs and the room. If you are use to a double bed and you have the room, try a queen size bed. You will find it more comfortable. However, if you presently have a California king size bed, unless you have a huge bedroom, you may wish to consider a standard king or queen size bed. This will give you added room, and not too much bed. Bed linen will also be much cheaper.

4) If you are limited in your closet space, consider an armoire, a larger dresser or a larger chest of drawers.

5) Make sure you have bedding to match any change in furniture style. Contemporary bedroom furniture should have bedding in contemporary or no design. Country bedroom furniture should have country, garden or no design. The furniture style and the bedding must be appropriate to each other.


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