30+ Adorable Two Tone Bedroom Walls Ideas

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Adorable Two Tone Bedroom Walls Ideas 21

Colors in the bedroom can bring retreat for household to relax and cool down. Many people ignore their feeling and just pick the color they like most. Each year, the popular color for a bedroom can be different. The brown and green colors are selected as classic duet to create the feeling of peace and warmth. The most popular colors over the few years for bedroom are blue and brown, the market predict it will become a favourite in 2009. The brown color can be lighter than chocolate, so your options are: tan, camel and caramel. While white and black colours are favourite combination in Europe countries but now they are replaced with hot accent colours such as red and acid green.

An additional inspiration for your sweet retreat is decorating bed with proper headboard like these options:

o Create headboard dark-wood base on three panels to make the wall pop. The types of wood for top and bottom panels are different with middle panel. Make floating side tables installed onto the left and right headboard panels. Bedroom light or collectibles can put on top of each side tables.

o Another idea is to apply for a dramatic vertical impression by making a long headboard up to the ceiling using two-toned headboard in order to differentiate between sitting are and sleeping area in large bedroom space.

o Place an antique panel as a unique headboard. This is the easiest way to change the look of bed. The antique headboard wood panel or metal headboard full panel with special mixture of finishes and textures to gives monochromatic colour scheme.

With one or both tips above in your mind, you are able to start decorating your bedroom using colour combination and decorating headboard options. Small details are not easy to notice and the first focus that people look when they walk into a bedroom is the bedroom itself. If the shapes and colours match, you will experience a feeling of comfort. The other bedroom main focus is a bed, therefore a big change on the headboard will transform the look of your bedroom.