30+ Lovely Two Tone Bedroom Paint Ideas

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Choosing the right color for your bedroom paint is not a Herculean task if you have a creative mind. Be it an epitome of hotel-style sanctuaries or cozy cabin retreats, there are several creative ideas to get wilder. Size of your bedroom is a pivotal factor in this regard. No doubt, for a spacious bedroom color ideas are more vibrant. However, you will not fall short of creative shades even if you are having a compact bedroom. Light pastel colors can create the illusion of space in small and compact bedrooms. Pink and luscious lilacs are the most popular choices in this regard. Other colors that can create space illusion are Warm cocoas and cool cucumber tone.

Pale natural shades symbolize warmth and relaxation. This bedroom color is equally beneficial for owners of both spacious and compact bedrooms. Green has a soothing effect on the eye. This color is generally chosen by writers and other people in creative professions. If you are leaving with parents and kids, ideal color choices are all yellow or green. For your older children you can also choose one of the above colors. While looking for bedroom colors to paint your private retreat, you should avoid texture as much as possible. These textures are capable of eating the space available in your bedroom. Bright white paint is capable of offering height illusion to your bedroom.

While choosing bedroom color, you should also pay proper attention to the color of furniture and carpet in that room. The color you are going to choose should not clash with their decor. There are several colors you should avoid at all costs while painting your bedroom. One of them is gray. It can develop negative attitude with in you. If gray is your favorite color, you can apply them only patches but not in whole.

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Whether to use a single color or a blend of colors depends upon your own preference. Single color might look monotonous. If the room is going to be shared by two people (male and female) combination of blue and pink will be a superb one. Proper separation of space is also required before start painting your bedroom.

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