30+ Totally Inspiring Downstairs Bathroom Ideas

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When considering the possibility of building another bathroom it is a good plan of action to consider the most convenient place within the house to have it built. Whether this is upstairs or downstairs careful consideration should be taken first such as do you have elderly relatives that live with you who would find the convenience of a downstairs bathroom easier or even have elderly visitors frequently who would also benefit from a downstairs bathroom.

Chairlifts can be extremely expensive usually costing in the region of around £3,000+ so it would be no good to have the bathroom fitted upstairs to find that as your elderly parent has come to live with you it is now necessary to pay a further £3,000 to have a chairlift fitted to allow them access.

If a bedroom is available downstairs then it would possibly be a good idea to turn this into an en-suite as everyone will be able to benefit from having a second bathroom. If having an elderly relative living with you then this would be an invaluable resource as they will be able to use the bathroom as they wish without asking others for help traversing the stairs.

If having an en-suite built for an elderly relative who is coming to live with you then why not ask them what styles and fittings they would like after all it will be their bathroom. Allow them to express their opinions on how to decorate the bedroom should you be doing this also. No one wants to live in surroundings they hate after all. If on a budget then simply tell them what the budget would be and allow them to choose things that they love before you have the decorating and building work commence.

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This would be a very good idea to put into practice if you are having an extension built for your teenage child. As we get older we like to put our own stamp on things and a teenager is a perfect example of this. What you may consider to be really elegant and beautiful a teenager would quite possibly see this as old-fashioned and feel a little embarrassed to invite their friends to have a sleep-over as they do not want them to see the decor in their bedroom or bathroom.

Obviously I am sure that no parent would want any part of their house painted black or adorned with black wallpaper even if they do not really enter this room. Many teenagers go through this phase of wanting black paint or wallpaper and as long as you allow them to choose freely from something else then I am sure you will be able to find a suitable style that you both feel is adequate. Merely explaining that black would be hard to cover over in the future would be more beneficial than you ranting and raving at your teenage son or daughter and forbidding them from doing this. Teenagers tend to want the opposite of their parents so arguing will make them all the more determined.

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