30+ Cool Pallet Wood Bedroom Wall Ideas

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If you have been thinking of building a shed, but have been putting it off considering the high value of the materials required, then using pallets as the material would be the perfect solution. Pallets can be easily got either for a low cost or for nothing at all. They are usually made of good quality wood and last long. There are good plans which you can consult to build a shed with pallets yourself.

You would be able to free your garage of clutter if you were to build a shed with pallets. Not only will your garage look tidier, your lawn mower, gardening equipments and other stuff which used to be stored in the garage earlier would find a much better shelter. It is also the ideal place to keep your tools dry. You may even store winter crops like apples here, as it fulfills the storage requirement of a cool and dark place.

The raw materials to build this structure can be easily got, especially if you live near a manufacturing facility, as many raw components are shipped to them on pallets. You may also check out nearby lumber yards and mills. A few phone calls to local businessmen are all you need to get the materials you need to build. You can get them at real low rates, or even for free.

If the pallets you have got are nailed together, you need to be careful while prying them apart. The pallet wood should not be directly hit with a hammer. It is best to place a short block of wood across the grain and beat on it. You should also use a block of wood to hold the pallet up off the floor, so that you can drive the pallet pieces down. Once a nail head comes high enough, you may use the hammer claw to pull it out, again using a wood scrap to protect the wood.

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Even though you are not spending too much on the raw materials, you need not worry that your building would not be strong or durable. In fact, you can build a quality shed with pallets, by following expert plans. Before setting out to build a shed, you would have to buy the equipments necessary to build it with such as the nails, screws and brackets to hold the roof. You would also require plywood to finish the shed, and paint to protect it. For a better finish and lasting results quality equipments are recommended.

It is best to build a shed with pallets with the help of good plans. Plans would be able to provide you with valuable information and tips on the type of foundation to use the type of material to use under your foundation, methods to make your foundation level and square, and the way to join the roof to the walls safely.

You may be surprised to see how tidy your garage has become once all the equipments which were earlier stored in it has been removed to your new shed with pallets. You can also rest assured that they are in an ideal place protected from the weather and elements. The best part of it all is that you have built the shed yourself, saving yourself a good amount in the bargain.

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