30+ Totally Cute Bedroom Workspace Ideas

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One of the most popular multifunctional spaces likely to appear in the modern home today is the classic office/guest bedroom combination. Of course, this seemingly unlikely match makes perfect sense: unless guests stay for long periods frequently, there is really no need to let such valuable space sit in neglect. Those blessed with the luxury of unlimited square-footage need not worry about the guest bedroom office dilemma, but those of us with skimpy spaces may have no other choice!

Stop the Messy Office Shame

No need to be embarrassed: modern home offices are spaces that get used and abused – and a state of “endless weekend work night” chaos can quickly transform even a tidy space into a disaster zone. When unexpected guests arrive, an office may be so covered in papers that a host would rather sleep the visitors on a couch than in a messy workspace.

This sticky situation can be resolved with a few choice pieces of helpful office furniture. A computer armoire can take the place of a traditional desk, allowing homeowners to simply swing the doors shut to obscure a mess of wires, papers, and folders. Hang a piece of corkboard on one of the inside cabinet doors and use it as an easy access place to pin notes for reasonable privacy. Of course, skipping straight to the root problem (disorganization) with a few fun storage ideas eliminates any chance for potential embarrassment.

Set a Few Modern Home Boundaries

Nobody likes to sit down for work, only to realize that a file has gone missing, or a stack of papers has somehow become shuffled. A guest rarely means to make these sorts of gaffes, but if the only solid sitting space in the bedroom is at an office desk the problem was openly invited. At least one comfortable sitting area besides the bed and office chair should be made available. If space is an issue, look for stools or chairs that can be pushed in flush with the small table. If the problem of the meddling guest continues, consider installing a fashionable privacy screen before their next visit. It may cramp their space, but can be pulled back neatly when you get to work for the day.

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Save Space with Smart Furniture

Keeping a full-sized bed and a workable office desk in an average sized room can create quite a cramped atmosphere. Unless you prefer to type sitting on the edge of a mattress, consider investing in a futon, convertible couch, or even a hidden wall-mounted bed. This will leave plenty of room for a workaholic to bounce around some ideas! Consider using an ottoman with a flipping top, or even a solid and sturdy chest topped with a pillow as versatile seating and storage.

The modern home does not need to be perfect: sometimes we must bundle several completely unrelated activities into one multipurpose space. The visual results depend entirely on organization and execution as much as stylistic design.

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