Thanksgiving Pumpkin Carving Ideas

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It’s this time of the year. It is beginning to be apparent these all over the place. The local nurseries are stuffed to capacity. Stores have put up a plethora of displays. Yes, I’m talking about the large welcoming harbingers to Halloween: The pumpkin! It’s true that this huge and versatile pumpkin is as associated with halloween just as Santa Claus can be to Christmas. We eat them in pies, decorate them, carve them and put candles inside(jack-o-lanterns), no question, Mr “P” is the king of versatility.

The right choice of pumpkin is a matter of basic understanding. First, you must determine what size is appropriate for your. It doesn’t matter if you pick the size of a baseball, or one that is the size of the size of a Volkswagen is important to pick a solid example. Insufficient firmness can indicate that the pumpkin is not mature, and is likely to get rotten very soon. 

As a child, I used to try to pull a fairly large pumpkin with the stem. WRONG! And I paid for it. Have you heard of the group “Smashing Pumpkins”? “Be certain to stay clear of scratching or breaking your pumpkin. If you’re not careful just one scratch could result in an unpleasant smell that lingers in the air for two days after. This is known as ROT!

Keep your pumpkins in good condition. Moisture can encourage the growth of bacteria and mold which can lead to odor-producing conditions. The gourds generally last longer and are more fresh in cooler climates. Therefore, it is best to ensure that your pumpkin is kept away from the sun. For Halloween, a smaller electric candle is more suitable than the wax version. But, remember that both create warmth. 

A lot of people would like to have a schedule regarding the length of time their pumpkins last. A good “rule to follow” is to wait a few days after carving. For longer enjoyment, don’t carve. Paint your pumpkin with Halloween colors on one side, and thanksgiving on the opposite. You can rotate the pumpkin to enjoy the different scenes of the season.

Hope these suggestions enhance your enjoyment of the next pumpkin. By the way carving contests for pumpkins are a lot of fun, with creativity being the main objective of the contest. Happy Halloween to Everyone!